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Your guide to the Lithian conscript
This public article was written by [Deactivated User], and last updated on 29 Jun 2017, 03:15.

3. Heron
1. Delvia
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Delvia, the Lithian conscript


Delvia, at its base, is an abjad script for  Lithian-0, with 44 different glyphs (or letters), written left to right. It utilizes diacritics for vowel marking, which can be used fully or partially under certain circumstances, enabling Delvia to become an alphasyllabary.

It is formerly known in CWS as Silgavida (or if you noticed, Patravida). The script's name is derived from the words delí Deliaflower, synonymous with the Delians, the Lithian divines and vida Vidascript, shortened and compounded into delví Delvia.

Sahar note: The name "Delvia" is used for Lugida's Lithian, exclusively in meta. It has an in-universe name, which is TBD at the moment.

For an infographic version covering parts of this article, see this link.


Delvia features about 44 distinct glyphs, excluding all punctuations, as shown below.

P /p/
B /b/
T /t/
D /d/
K /k/
G /g/
S /s/
SH /ʃ/
Z /z/
F /f/
V /v/
C /t͡ʃ/
J /d͡ʒ/
M /m/
W /w/
H /h/
R /ɾ/
L /l/
N /n/
PR /pɾ/
BR /bɾ/
TR /tɾ/
DR /dɾ/
KR /kɾ/
GR /gɾ/
FR /fɾ/
PH /pʰ/
TH /tʰ/
KH /kʰ/
CH /t͡ʃʰ/
NT /nt/Coda-exclusive
(...)Palum: Represents zero onset or /ʔ/

kizan Kizan, literally "consonant" consists of Delvia's consonant glyphs, 32 of them in total. This is then subdivided into four sub-groups: The 18 base sounds known simply as Kizan, the 7 R-clusters known as Rizan, the 4 aspirate sounds known as Heflan, and the coda-exclusive Totan, which only consists of ŋ NT. Traditionally, there is also the fifth group, known as Palum, which only consists of ~. This separate grouping is due to Palum's traditional role for the Kizans as the "backbone glyph". Otherwise, the Palum is considered as a Kizan.

~a /a/~u /u/~i /i/~o /o/~e /e/~á /ai/~à /au/~é /ei/~è /eu/~í /ia/~ì /ie/~ó /oi/~ú /ui/

There are 13 kinds of vowel sounds, otherwise known using two different names - nivan Nivan for the five monophthongs, and darivan Darivan for the eight diphthongs. These vowel sounds are marked as diacritics, placed above or below the glyph.

Nivans are commonly used for disambiguation, such as in the case between lat Lat and lotí Lotia whose Kizan roots are the same, and otherwise not fully used. The full usage of Nivans are mostly exclusive to Lithian coursebooks, children's books, and certain script arts (or calligraphy, as you would like to say). Nivans are often dropped completely in organization logos and particular script arts. This makes Delvia practically an abjad.

When the Nivan is fully used, a Kizan glyph with no Nivan signifies a coda of the previous letter. Here, only one coda-representing Kizan is basically allowed. This way, Lithian strictly uses CJVJC for phonotactics.


- Texts -

UDHR Article 1
~adi mitna reweta мi ju miжan va hari nem hankateka va tiкana. жi rejivan jegenum va feзim va жi еi ger daelin jevara ~idoжeku.
Adi mitna reweta chi ju midran va hari nem hankateka va tishana. Dri rejivan je-genum va fekhim va dri tri ger da-elin je-vara i-dodreku.
All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

Bulbasaur's Pokedex entry
кirèm, maеaketirmet rumet:
кirèm senrelulim ~eli dé filiwa tanatladí. herum ~ave tapalum ~idé. dé wilo natladí мi mér rum ~imár dikoku hefa ju бan.
Shireum, Matraketirmet rumet: Shireum sen-relulim eli dei filiwa ta-natladia. He-rum ave ta-palum i-dei. Dei wilo natladia chi meir rum i-mair dikoku hefa ju phan.
Bulbasaur, seed Pokemon:
Bulbasaur can be seen napping in bright sunlight. There is a seed on its back. By soaking up the sun’s rays, the seed grows progressively larger.

- Logos -


▼ Conscript iterations, saying "conworkeshop" (handwritten)

The Lithian conscript is initially going to be based on Devanagari, with its horizontal bars because Arnoldii is a fan of abugidas. The iteration of scripts does involve switching between an abugida and an alphabet, as Arnoldii switched in between the letter forms - then there's this final iteration, which is the now-known Delvia, is discovered when Arnoldii is experimenting with the 10th iteration (according to the picture above) which introduced an additional vertical backbone glyph. Arnoldii disconnected the horizontal bars that lie between consonant glyphs, which created the concept of the Palum, which then laid foundation to the creation of the Delvia script as we know today (which is the 11th iteration in the picture).

In the early days of Lithian in CWS (really early), the script is called Patravida "paper script", but then "aesthetics" criticized the name and then made it Silgavida "abugida script", but then "naturalism" caused a debate within Arnoldii's mind which ended with the script finally be renamed into Delvia "Deliavida, Delians' script" as we know today.

Initially, the now-Delvia script haven't been converted into a font, given the lack of Arnoldii's font-making capabilities. Arnoldii tried using FontForge, then found himself in a struggle, then discovered FontStruct, then decided to use FontStruct, but haven't discovered negative kerning yet, leading to the creation of the now-defunct 12th iteration, named Rumnavida "alphabet script", which did became a conscript for Lithian in CWS, but short-lived, as I discovered negative kerning, and decided to make Delvia in FontStruct, with a reasonable success in CWS. And now, Delvia can stay, happily ever after. (unless if "aesthetics" would start considering the name boring, which fortunately never happened.


Delfex series

Delfex EV
Delvia × Hebrew

Delfex (also known as Delvia-Next or Delviagana) is a series of Arnoldii's stylized scripts of Delvia, where each of the scripts "mimic" other particular natscripts or conscripts. In other words, an aesthetic crossover of Delvia and the "root script". While it may be distinct from the original, it is considered as a part of Delvia.

Delvia, a script of Lithian, a conlang of Arnelia.
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Could you not send a font of your script please but it looks good on you
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This is awesome!
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Did you just delviafy Nier: Automata's logo
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Great script and article.
[link] [quote] [move] [edit] [del] 25-Dec-16 05:42 [Deactivated User]
Elegant and unique!!
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