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qgam characters to add
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This private article was written by [Deactivated User], and last updated on 29 May 2017, 12:22.

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I wanted Qgam script to be based on/related to UniBlackSister's Hux Kham script, which is very heavily based on 'Phagspa script, so I just went all out and basically just lifted the 'Phagspa aesthetic, while basing the letterforms on Hux Kham and adapting it to suit the Qgam language, particularly signs for coda consonants, so that they can't be confused as part of the onset of the next syllable.

Some characters that I could use:
The Provinces of Qgam:
津 (Sqeay)
首都圏 (Capital Region)
湖昃 (Šmuoy Kruo)
石落 (Mtaĝ Orka)
三坑 (Swom Cor)
雅砦 (Sĝki Ldzaa)
平栽 (Twam Kheaw) (pretty boring province names once you see what they mean)
Some city names:
沼萩 (Çaa Ler)
刈庵 (Kheam Jwo)
摺 (Dem)
結川 (War Moy)
赤鎌 (Toĝ Çuoĝ)
樺丘 (Ham Year)
緑 (Dzar)
stuff that seems relevant for board posts:

basic verbs:
eat (吃, 食, 喰, whichever one you use for Qonklese I will adopt for Qgam)
see/look (見, 看, whichever)
Sorry, this seems to be more than twenty, but the one good thing is that it will get easier for both of us as we build up an inventory and can just build characters out of preexisting elements.

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