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Iadraja: Pronouns
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The forms of Pronouns in Iadraja
This public article was written by Yathid, and last updated on 2 Jan 2017, 22:18.

This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.

There are many pronouns in Iadraja and each one will change depending on case. So here they are in all the different forms.
(Personal Pronouns)

They are listed as: I, You(informal), He, She, It, We, You(informal, plural), You(Formal, plural), They

Nom: Ис, Си, Ам, Ама, Амо, Нин, Фи, Ви, Ами

Acc: Мѐ, Сѐ, Ѐв, Ав, Ёв, Нас, Фас, Вас, Ях

Gen: Мнё, Снё, Ѐво, Авё, Ёво, Насу, Фасу, Васу, Яху

Dat: Мня, Сня, Ѐвя, Авя, Ёвя, Наса, Фаса, Васа, Яха

Instru: Ими, Иси, Ѐви, Ави, Ёви, Ним, Фим, Вим, Ямих

InstruC: Мис, Сис, Ѐвис, Авис, Ёвис, Нис, Фис, Вис, Ямис

Prep: Мнѐ, Снѐ, Ѐвѐ, Авѐ, Ёвѐ, Нѐс, Фѐс, Вѐс, Ямѐс

(Possessive Pronouns)

Listed as: My, Your(informal), His, Her, Its, Our, Your(informal, plural), Your(Formal, plural), Their
Note: Possessive pronouns act like adjectives so they must agree in case, number and gender.

: Сой Зой Амой Амай Амей Нож Фож Вож Яхий

There's also a Reflective pronoun "Втой" use to separate the subjects ownership of something/someone to another person's ownership of something/someone. For example:

Ерик лобриюд амояс идошя. = Eric loves his dog. (In this sentence, Eric loves someone's dog, not his own dog.)
Ерик лобриюд втоя идошя. = Eric loves his (own) dog. (In this sentence, Eric loves his own dog, not some other dog.)
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