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How to not piss people of in Lonish
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About botôv and others.
This public article was written by [Deactivated User], and last updated on 20 Nov 2015, 15:44.

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The Lonish language uses adjective that, in the nominative singular determined (also known as ''the'') end in -êv. However, some adjectives end in -ôv, for some reason I haven't quite figured out myself. They decline normally, with the only difference between ô-group and ê-group adjectives being the usage of [ô] in the place of [ê] and the usage of [o] instead of [e]. These ô-group adjectives possess a unique trait - if they're combined with another, possibly ê-group adjective, this ê-group adjective changes into an ô-group adjective. For example:

dâdêv hûlmê
the blue sky

tritôv hûlmê
the terrible sky

tritôv, dâdôv hûlmê
the terrible, blue sky it doesnt have to make sense for me to translate it yo

However, the relative rarity of these ô-group adjectives has made it so that most are forgotten, except one, rather... prevalent adjective: botôv, the Lonish equivalent of fucking, and not in the literal sense but in the "statement-empowering" sense. It's become commonplace to forgo this word in the first place and to just morph any adjectives (or the article, which is in Lonish regarded as a null-adjective) into an ô-group state and purely imply the actual vulgarity. For example:

ugêv rêr
the red cat

ugôv botôv rêr
the red fucking cat (explicit)

ugôv rêr
the red fucking cat (implied)

Just like that, we've become rather discrete about or displeasement with this particular red cat, as it's easy enough to pronounce something mildly between an [ê] and an [ô]. This brings us to another problem however. There's namely zero difference between ACTUAL ô-group adjectives and impliedly profound ê-group adjectives. Compare:

bulêv wodêm
the floral shop (the flowershop)

bulôv wodêm
the opaque shop

bulôv wodêm
the fucking flowershop (implied)

This is solved by doing away with all these fancy archaic words, for example, by replacing bulôv with drodêv.

drodêv wodêm
the opaque shop
definitely NOT the fucking flowershop

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definitely NOT the fucking flowershop
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