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Conditional Phrases
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This public article was written by erassion, and last updated on 6 Mar 2016, 20:38.

[comments] Menu 1. Conditional Verb Suffix '-né' 2. Conditional Particles 'ħa' and 'ja'
[top]Conditional Verb Suffix '-né'

Verbs in both parts of the conditional phrase require the verb suffix '-né'.

This is attached to the root of the verb before any other suffixes are attached. Normal person/tense suffixes are appended afterwards.

In the case of nominal sentences (without verbs, to be), the conditional suffix is appended to the last word of the phrase:

Śen vanen bajtilda arasś I would steal from my friend's house
Ħa kaħa nóśtehné ja jéhvki gidukmó leś. If I had food I would go to school today

[top]Conditional Particles 'ħa' and 'ja'

'Ħa' and 'ja' correspond to English 'if' and 'then' respectively.
Conditional phrases require at least one of these words in the construction. Which one you use changes the meaning of the sentence slightly.

Let's take a look at the possible combinations:

Both 'ħa' and 'ja'
Ħa śen kaħamov binnéd ja rivuśnévajś If you eat my food I will be angry

This is the most neutral of the three combinations, stating a simple correlation between the two events of eating food and becoming angry.

Only 'ħa'
Ħa śen kaħamov binnéd rivuśnévajś If you eat my food I will be angry

Using only 'ħa' emphasizes the condition that the result depends on. This construction stresses that eating the food rather than, say, throwing it away, is what causes the speaker to be angry.

Only 'ja'
Śen kaħamov binnéd ja rivuśnévajś If you eat my food I will be angry

Here, only 'ja' is used in the conditional, which places the focus and emphasis on the result, as if you are saying, 'If you do this, then THIS is what will happen'. Using just 'ja' emphasizes that the speaker will be angry and not sad or any other emotion as a result of the action.
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