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Ḳixaḷi people
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This public article was written by druneragarsh on 5 Oct 2015, 19:08.

This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.

The Ḳixaḷi people are a mostly maritime trading people. They are organized in matrilinear, matriarchal trading clans.

The Kixaḷi have polygamous marriages as a form of agreement. Reproduction is not necessarily involved, unless the participants want to. Neither is cohabitation. Marriage is an allegiance, and it is not uncommon to have complicated, intersecting webs of marriage that make deciding which rival family to take down very hard. Marriage is the responsibility of young adults, with anyone being considered for clan leadership obligated to divorce all hir spouses. Cohabitation and reproduction happen between friends, though living with a member of a rival family is seen as an insult to one's own clan.
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