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Moving Between POS
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This public article was written by ávysso amygdalí, and last updated on 8 Jul 2019, 02:55.

This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.

switching parts of speech
    gerund: verb -> noun
    participle: verb -> adjective
there is no verbalizer because verbs must either have 2 (root type) or 4 (unsustained type) letters in their infinitive forms [transitive link, intransitive link]
instead, use the verbalizing construction “[it] has the form of a/the ()"
ex. to cat/be a cat = “it’s (walk/talk/existence/manner) has the form of a (cat)"
adjective nominalization:
ex. “-ness,” “-ism"
ANMZ, (e)[p]re
applies only to an adjective:
mise, new + ANMZ, -(e)pre = misepre, newness
verb nominalization:
ex. “in the state of [],” “at the time of [],” “the [] occurs at”
GR1, paVuVre
GR2, VVaparVV
note in both the above forms, V stands for verb, not vowel
applies only to an infinitive verb:
root type:
qb, disperse + GR1 = paqubre, dispersion
dsh, taper off + GR1 = padushre, state of tapering
gt, snore + GR1 = pagutre, snoring/state of snoring
  when either of the verb roots is a vowel, remove it (the apostrophe is placed only for clarity):
       a8, slaughter + GR1 = pa[a]u8re > pa'u8re, slaughtering/massacre (final: pau8re)
       5i, float/fly+ GR1 = pa5u[i]re > pa5u're, time of floating/flying (final: pa5ure)
unsustained type:
ytheq, be a mistake +GR2 = ythapareq, state of being a mistake
ysir, be a necessity +GR2 = ysaparir, state of being a necessity, being needed
yba8, be a tyrant +GR2 = ybapara8, tyrrany, being (of) a tyrant
also refers to being the child of a tyrant
ybaw, be a slave +GR2 = ybaparaw, slavery, being (of) a slave
also refers to being the child of a slave
adjective modifier
for use on nouns:
ex. “-like,” “-looking," “similar to []"
ta^b-[N], where [N] beings with a vowel
mi-[N], where [N] begins with a consonant
ta^batwt, “like a bed”
mimoyo, “cat-looking,” “like a cat”
[!] participle marker (for use on verbs):
modifies the infinitive forms (of root and unsustained verbs):
([%][%])[%][%m]: +-rm
if the last letter of the verb is a moon letter, append rm
a8, extinguish > a8rm [akhrûm], extinguished.ADJ
di^r, conceive/stumble/seize > di^rrm, conceiving.ADJ
([%][%])[%][%s]: +-an
if the last letter of the verb is a sun letter, append an
qb, disperse > qban [qûban], dispersing.ADJ
ydob, be a coward > ydoban, coward-being.ADJ
([%][%])[%][%sk]: +-zq
if the last letter of the verb is a sky letter, append zq
na, modify > nazq, modifying.ADJ
m)sra, cause > m)srazq, causing.ADJ
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