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Judgement of the Ancient Sin "On the High Wall ~ Death of a King’s Soul"
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A higher-level, complex spell, taking the form of a short tale.
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[edit] [top]Overview

Common complex mid-level defensive spell. Creates large mana wall around caster with an initial radius of 6 meters. Increases in mana flow from inside or outside of the wall increases radius of wall. Wall causes mana burns if directly contacted. Wall is semipermeable and can be manipulated to allow certain souls to enter.

[edit] [top]Incantation

keru'rosunokemotjdu tilhań kuro kasezhe'pe yisuta'pa lhań'tatira. tetjdu kuro yamiyi'pe lhu'tufezhe yisuta'pa yisuta'pe.
tetjdu tci feku'ho tufesu'feku'pe.
zhe'hogetjdu tufesu'feku yisuta'tatira'pe wirofo'ho tci''he. sino'yitetjdu tci ro'hi'ho 'hita'hatjdu yisuta'pe lhań'tatira. kuyagotjdu tci ro'hi'ho 'hirotjdu yisuta'pe lhań'tatira sino'yite'pe.
tetjdu tci feku'ho tufesu'feku'pe.
vanuzhutjdu tufesu'feku yisuta'tatira'pe cege'ho. nuvitjdu tci jhayunotjda yisuta lhań'tatira tci''he tajhoń'hipi kuro'pe. nuvitjdu tci yutetjda 'hocane tci''he tufesu'ho lhu'kaqhufo wirofo'pe. nuvitjdu tci tetjda yamiyi tci''he tcu'ho sefi'pe.
tetjdu tci feku'ho tufesu'feku'pe.
vanutjdu tilhań tufesu'feku yisuta'tatira'pe vanuwe'ho 'hiro'pe. vanuzhutjdu tci kaqhufo'ho sefi'pe. vanuzhutjdu tci kunuqho'qhu'ho tece'pe. vanuzhutjdu tci nesi'ho sirosa'pu.
tetjdu tci feku'ho tufesu'feku'pe.
tefetjdu lhaqhuzhu'pa tufesu'feku yisuta'tatira'pe yamiyi tci''he tecitj vanuwe'ho tci''he. jhayunotj tci tajhosuń'ho kuro'pe. kuyagotjdu tci 'hiroń'ho, zhete'hotjdi koroń'pe lhaqha kuroń'pe lhukiń'kunuqho kuro kunuqho'pu. ro'hikutjdu tci yisuta'ho lhań'tatira lhageń'tatira geruseń.
tetjdu tci feku'ho tufesu'feku'pe.
vanutjduń kuro yisuta'hapa lhań'tatira, sefiń, tufesu'kimotjdu tufesu'feku'ho lho'qhuyu tilhagu'ki tci''he. kisuyatjdu tci takejho'hepe cifo'pe. tilhagu'kitjdu tci tufesuN'ho sefiN'pe. jhatamatjdu lhaqhuzhu'pa kasose'ho lha'kasise (re'hi) yifetj nani'ho qheki'feku'pu yisuta'pa lhań'tatira.
tetjdu tci feku'ho tufesu'feku'pe.
simasatjdu qheki'feku'ho yisuta'pa lhań'tatira, tetjdu tilhań kasise'feku'ho kuroń'pu lhe'tece, kasose'ho lha'kasise (re'hi). kinivitjdu kasezhe tci''he. cicatjdu 'hocane tci''he. yacutjdu sino lha'sirosa tci''he. kisutatjdu yisuta'ho lhań'tatira tci''he. lhaqha nokemotjduń lho'yote nesi tci''he yisuta'pa lhań'tatira, tetjdu lho'woti nuwosu'ho. vanu'zhotjdu yete lha'siro tci''he, tetjdi lho'woti safa'hopo lhu'tita'mo.
tetjdu tci feku'ho tufesu'feku'pe.

vewe' kuro yisuta'pa lhań'tatira, tetjdu tce tufesu'feku'ho tufesu'feku'pe. vewe' kuro yisuta'pa lhań'tatira, yotetjdu lho'woti yisuta'ho lhań'tatira tci''he roteru'pa. vewe' kuro yisuta'pa lhań'tatira, goruse'kitjdu lho'woti neyoho'ho tci''he. vewe' kuro yisuta'pa lhań'tatira, vanu'zhotjduń nuwosuń tci''he tita'pu. vewe' kuro yisuta'pa lhań'tatira, yotetjdoń nesi tci''he.

va'tj nesi lhoguń'cogu! vanutj nesi'hupu tufesu'feku'pe lhi'vanu'zho, lhaqha fojhajhitjda nuvine tci''he zheteń'pi lha'sirosa, vanuse'pa!

nani qheki'pe lhuń'tita'mo (yisuta'pa lhań'tatira ~ safa nesi'pe tufesu'feku'pe(!
IdenianNokemotjdu tilań kuro kaseze'pe yisuta'pa lań'tatira. Tetjdu kuro yamiyi'pe lu'tufeze yisuta'pa yisuta'pe.
Tetjdu tci feku'ho tufesu'feku'pe.
Zexogetjdu Tufesu'feku yisuta'tatira'pe wirofo'ho tci'xe. Sino'yitetjdu tci roxi'ho xitaxatjdu yisuta'pe lań'tatira. Kuyagotjdu tci roxi'ho xirotjdu yisuta'pe lań'tatira sino'yite'pe.
Tetjdu tci feku'ho tufesu'feku'pe.
Vanuzutjdu Tufesu'feku yisuta'tatira'pe cege'ho. Nuvitjdu tci jayunotjda yisuta lań'tatira tci'xe tajoń'hipi kuro'pe. Nuvitjdu tci yutetjda xocane tci'xe tufesu'ho lu'kaqufo wirofo'pe. Nuvitjdu tci tetjda yamiyi tci'xe tcu'ho sefi'pe.
Tetjdu tci feku'ho tufesu'feku'pe.
Vanutjdu tilań Tufesu'feku yisuta'tatira'pe vanuwe'ho xiro'pe. Vanuzutjdu tci kaqufo'ho sefi'pe. Vanuzutjdu tci kunuqo'qu'ho tece'pe. Vanuzutjdu tci nesi'ho sirosa'pu.
Tetjdu tci feku'ho tufesu'feku'pe.
Tefetjdu laquzu'pa Tufesu'feku yisuta'tatira'pe yamiyi tci'xe tecitj vanuwe'ho tci'xe. Jayunotj tci tajosuń'ho kuro'pe. Kuyagotjdu tci xiroń'ho, zetexotjdi koron'pe laqa kuroń'pe lukiń'kunuqo kuro kunuqo'pu. Roxikutjdu tci yisuta'ho lań'tatira lageń'tatira geruseń.
Tetjdu tci feku'ho tufesu'feku'pe.
Vanutjduń kuro yisuta'hapa lań'tatira, sefiń, tufesu'kimotjdu tufesu'feku'ho lo'quyu tilagu'ki tci'xe. Kisuyatjdu tci takejo'hepe cifo'pe. Tilagu'kitjdu tci tufesun'ho sefin'pe. Jatamatjdu laquzu'pa kasose'ho la'kasise "Re'hi" yifetj nani'ho qeki'feku'pu yisuta'pa lań'tatira.
Tetjdu tci feku'ho tufesu'feku'pe.
Simasatjdu qeki'feku'ho yisuta'pa lań'tatira, tetjdu tilań kasise'feku'ho kuroń'pu le'tece, kasose'ho la'kasise "Re'hi". Kinivitjdu kaseze tci'xe. Cicatjdu xocane tci'xe. Yacutjdu sino la'sirosa tci'xe. Kisutatjdu yisuta'ho lań'tatira tci'xe. Laqa nokemotjduń lo'yote nesi tci'xe yisuta'pa lań'tatira, tetjdu lo'woti nuwosu'ho. Vanu'zotjdu yete la'siro tci'xe, tetjdi lo'woti safa'hopo lu'tita'mo.
Tetjdu tci feku'ho tufesu'feku'pe.

Vewe' kuro yisuta'pa lań'tatira, tetjdu tce tufesu'feku'ho tufesu'feku'pe. Vewe' kuro yisuta'pa lań'tatira, yotetjdu lo'woti yisuta'ho lań'tatira tci'xe roteru'pa. Vewe' kuro yisuta'pa lań'tatira, goruse'kitjdu lo'woti neyoho'ho tci'xe. Vewe' kuro yisuta'pa lań'tatira, vanu'zotjduń nuwosuń tci'xe tita'pu. Vewe' kuro yisuta'pa lań'tatira, yotetjdoń nesi tci'xe.

Va'tj nesi loguń'cogu! Vanutj nesi'hupu tufesu'feku'pe li'vanu'zo, laqa fojajitjda nuvine tci'xe zeteń'pi la'sirosa, vanuse'pa!

Nani Qeki'pe Luń'tita'mo "Yisuta'pa Lań'tatira ~ Safa Nesi'pe Tufesu'feku'pe"!
EnglishOnce, on the high wall stood a man of glory. On the wall of walls was a man of absolute power.
For he was the king of kings.
The king of the high wall ruled his world. He held up the land embraced by the high wall. He conquered the land exiled from the wall’s grasp.
For he was the king of kings.
The king of the high wall sought more. He wished his high wall reached beyond the realm of man. He wished his kingdom became the true law of the world. He wished his power be that of a god.
For he was the king of kings.
Once, the king of the high wall saw a vision of the beyond. He sought the truth of god. He sought the knowledge of all. He sought the soul beyond mortality.
For he was the king of kings.
And so, the king of the high wall used his power to fulfil his vision. He reached beyond the domain of man. He conquered the outlands, full of beasts and men unknown to the human mind. He built his high wall to be higher than the heavens.
For he was the king of kings.
The deities, seeing the man on the high wall, damned the king for his disobedience. He broke from the path of destiny. He defied the laws of the gods. And so, the deities sent the great angel, "Re'i" to enact judgment on the sinner on the high wall.
For he was the king of kings.
The sinner on the high wall, once a hero to all of man, was killed by the great angel "Re'i". His glory was blackened. His kingdom was severed. His mortal body was erased. His high wall was broken. But his soul still stood on the ruin of the high wall, now just memory. His living existence lost, now with death eternal.
For he was the king of kings.

O, the man on the high wall, you were the king of kings! O, the man on the high wall, your high wall is now left in dust. O, the man on the high wall, your name is now desecrated. O, the man on the high wall, your memories are now lost to time. O, the man on the high wall, but your soul still remains.

Invoke! Behold, lesser soul! Gaze in awe at the soul of a lost king whose will continues beyond his mortal confines!

Judgement of the Ancient Sin "On the High Wall ~ Death of a King’s Soul"!

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