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Maintaining your dictionary
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13. Pronouns
The dictionary maintenance page has a few handy queries that can help make sure the integrity of your data in your dictionary is top-notch. Below is an explanation of what each query means.

Duplicate entries
Any records that show up under this heading quite simply are duplicates. This means that they are the same word, with the same link and the same part of speech. Please do note that BOTH entries will be shown in the list, they're not BOTH duplicates, so only remove one entry at a time.

Words without WordLink reference
This list will bring up any records in your dictionary that do not have a WordLink matched to it. To remove them, you just need to add the WordLink. If there are a lot of words, we have a tool to help mass-guess an appropriate WordLink.

Mismatched part of speech
All WordLink entries have a part of speech, as do the records in your dictionary. When these two are linked, and the parts of speech do not match, they will show up here. This list is a good tool to check for errors in your input/imported dictionary, or to find where perhaps the WordLink part of speech is incorrect.

Sometimes, this could just be because your language classifies something differently (for example, 'only' may be listed as a particle, or an adjective - depending how your language classifies words). Where this is the case, just ignore these words - they will forever be on the list.
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