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Noun Derivatives in Vrkhazhian
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This public article was written by Ahzoh, and last updated on 25 Nov 2019, 17:27.

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VoiceNoun TypeStatus RectusStatus ConstructusDescription
ActiveAnimate Concrete C₁āC₂C₃-C₁aC₂wāC₃Indicates the doer of the verb
Inanimate Concrete ʾaC₁C₁aC₂āCeʾaC₁C₁aC₂āCIndicates the object which does the verb
Abstract C₁aC₂āC₃āyeC₁aC₂āC₃āyIndicates the act or instance of the verb
PassiveAnimate Concrete C₁ēC₂C₃-C₁aC₂wēC₃Indicates the one to whom the verb is done
Inanimate Concrete ʾaC₁C₁aC₂ēC₃aaC₁C₁aC₂ēC₃Indicates the object to which the verb is done
Abstract C₁aC₂ēC₃ēyaC₁aC₂ēC₃ēyIndicates a state related to the verb
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