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Welcome to Zanti! Сян Ёо Занти Хел!
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Just a quick intro to what the heck Zanti even is.
This public article was written by FranciumSenpai, and last updated on 2 Aug 2020, 04:30.

[comments] Zanti is one of the first languages I've ever decided to work on. I decided to make it when I was stumbling through my books and happened to notice that I had made notes about making a language -- I fully had made an alphabet for it but hadn't fully fleshed it out since at the time I didn't know anything about the IPA's existence. So, with that being said, I decided to take a stab at trying to make it into a fully-fledged language.

So what exactly is Zanti? Zanti is a language that comes from a story I've been working on called Hellisword. The language takes inspiration mainly from Mongolian, as the people who speak the language live in a steppe-like area, similar to that of Mongolia. I also drew a bit of inspiration from Hungarian as well while I created the language. The typology does take a bit of inspiration from Mongolian as well, but the language itself is not exactly like Mongolian.

Zanti is a VSO ergative-absolutive language with 8 nominal case endings. It uses the vigesimal system for counting and the Cyrillic alphabet for writing. I'll probably make a few articles which give lessons on the language itself and how it works in case anyone wants to learn it. For now, I'm mostly making words since it's kind of impossible to speak a language without words.
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