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Pnapaic declensions
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This public article was written by DingusKhan35, and last updated on 1 Oct 2018, 09:39. Editing of this article is shared with Conlanger.

[comments] [history] Pnapaic has 9 different noun cases ; each one changes according to the word's gender.
(order : masc., fem., neut.)
Also, note that the second version is for vowel harmony (when the word contains a Ö).

Nominative : Kāmang, Batang, Néwa
Dative :
Kāmangan (-an, -ön)
Batangan (-an, -ön)
Néwām (-am, -öm)
Genitive :
Kāmangal (-al, -öl)
Batangal (-al, -öl)
Néwāl (-al, -öl)
Locative :
Kāmangar (-ar, -ör)
Batangur (-ur, -ör)
Néwār (-ar, -ör)
Comparative :
Kāmangash (-ash, -ösh)
Batangesh (-esh, -ösh)
Néwāsh (-ash, -ösh)
Instrumental :
Kāmangatl (-atl, -ötl)
Batangut (-ut, -öt)
Néwat (-at, -öt)
Distributive :
Kāmangashan (-ashan, -ashön)
Batangashin (-ashin, -ashön)
Néwāshen (-ashen, -ashön)
Ablative :
Kāmang (-að, -öð)
Batang (-eð, -öð)
Néwāni (-ani, -anö)
Privative :
Kāmangéç (-éç, -öç)
Batangaph (-aph, -öph)
Néwajha (-ejha, -ögha)

Examples :
Horse = kāmang
Horse's = kāmangal
My horse's = mokāmangal
Leg = kaña
My horse's leg = mokāmangal kaña
Legless horse = kañaç kāmang
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