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Fregùntae Anùncianēt Konstàntly
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This public article was written by Velen Taegnarip, and last updated on 30 Jul 2019, 18:19. Editing of this article is shared with Conlanger.

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[top]The accentuation in a word, how's it work?

The accentuation is usually on the first syllable.
However, infinitive verbs have their accentuation on the penultimate syllable, just before the disinence.
When the verb is conjugated, the emphasis remains on this same syllable.
When a noun ends with "ia" the emphasis will always be on the "a", EXCEPT the proper nouns !
When the disinence of that same noun changes, the emphasis will go on the syllable that precedes the "i" of the "ia" combination.
But ! Sometimes the letter cannot have an accent, as is the case with the letters "ä", "ë", "ö", "y" and "å". In this case, if the accent is elsewhere, the problem is solved ;
a contrario, if it is nowhere, the accentuation is on this syllable.
There are certain terms that have only letters that cannot assume an accent, in this case the emphasis will be on the first syllable.
These rules in mind, there is ONE exception : "ë" is ALWAYS accentuated !

Generalfirst syllableCikada, Falkon
Proper nounsfirst syllableEuropia, Suomia, Novëmbër
Infinitive verbspenultimate syllableKomunìkar, Skrivja, Ënkontrar
Adverbs in "y"NEVER last syllableSpeciàlmy, Exàktamy
Adjectives in "al"last syllableFederàl, Lokàl, Kultùral
Adjectives in "isk"last syllableMelankolìsk, Toksìsk
Adjectives in "iv"penultimate syllableDistràktiv, Atràktiv, Komunìkativ
Nouns in "ia"last syllableFobià, Kriminologià, Proper nouns
Terms with "ë"first "ë" onlyTårën, Hidrogën, Exceptions

[top]Next question?

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