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Modern Kacarian Grammar
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This public article was written by [Deactivated User], and last updated on 3 May 2020, 00:58.

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Menu 1. Basics 2. Verb Morphology (using noun inflections) 3. Noun Morphology (excluding tenses) 4. Example Sentences 5. Outro
[edit] [top]Basics

SVO word order.

Noun inflections to show tense, except for infinitive.

Full reduplication of nouns to show plurals.

Two infinitive forms - one for use in dictionaries, one for practical use

[edit] [top]Verb Morphology (using noun inflections)

There are two classes of verbs classed by the word-initial grapheme cluster, with separate conjugations for the two types of verbs.

Class 1 - verbs beginning with eht-
Class 2 - verbs beginning with nm-

e.g. ehtenga /ehteŋɔ/ 'to see' (using the noun 'boma' /bɔmɔ/ meaning 'apple')

Practical infinitive (for use in writing) - menehtenga boma
Present tense - ehtenga amnboma
Past tense - ehtenga edtboma
Imperfect past tense - ehtenga dtubomadtuk
Future tense - ehtenga agkan boma

e.g nmakan /nmake/ 'to eat' (using the noun 'boma' /bɔmɔ/ meaning 'apple')

Practical infinitive (for use in writing) - anmakan boma
Present tense - nmakan bomahtis
Past tense - nmakan gkoboma
Imperfect past tense - nmakan dtutuboma
Future tense - nmakan bomakanm


The moods (denoted by particles) used in Modern Kacarian are:

Epistemic - nmakan bomahtis bolan
Deontic - nmakan bomahtis bui
Obligatory - nmakan bomahtis kanan
Desiderative - nmakan bomahtis nok

With the modifiers:

(particle) sangan - higher force
(particle) sinkit - lower force

[edit] [top]Noun Morphology (excluding tenses)

Modern Kacarian noun morphology is much simpler than its verb morphology. There are no cases for nouns, and they all follow a relatively simple pattern.

e.g. boma /bɔmɔ/ meaning 'apple'

Singular - boma
Plural - boma-boma
Dative - ka boma (pl. ka boma-boma)
Essive - jadi boma (pl. jadi boma-boma)
Locative - dalan boma (pl. dalan boma-boma)

[edit] [top]Example Sentences

Saya ehtui edtboma ka mu.
/sajɔ ehtui edtbɔmɔ kɔ mu/
I gave the apple to you.

Kita nmblaka jadi boma-bomakanm dalan curita.
/kitɔ nmblakɔ djadi bɔmɔ bɔmakanm dale ʃuritɔ/
We will act as apples in the movie.

Saya ehtenga mu nok sangan anmakan boma.
/sajɔ ehteŋɔ mu nɔk saŋe anmake bɔmɔ/
I really want to see you eat an apple.

That's about all the notes for Modern Kacarian grammar. Please excuse my apple obsession.
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