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New roots
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This public article was written by Ahzoh, and last updated on 5 Jul 2019, 03:38.

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This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.

ʾ-x̣-y "crawl"
ʾ-ṣ-r "roll"
ʾ-l-h "see intensely, see into someone's soul"
ʾ-l-l "see"
ʾ-l-m "ask, request"
ʾ-l-n "glance"
ʾ-m-m "eat"
ʾ-m-l "observe"
ʾ-m-š "cook"
ʾ-p-b "leave
ʾ-p-p "go"
ʾ-p-r "be certain, be confident"
ʾ-p-š "enter"
ʾ-š-d "speak lowly of"
ʾ-š-š "burn"
ʾ-t-y "drag"
ʾ-ṭ-z "sail"
ʾ-z-g "be ashamed
ʾ-ś-n "swim, float"

x-p-p "stab, poke"

x̣-ś-h "be correct"

h-m-t "leave"
h-r-ṗ "create, build [abstract], make [abstract]
h-r-j "leave by transport"
h-t-y "send"

d-ž-ž "cut, dig"
d-m-š "oppose"
d-n-h "fall, drop, dive [into water], spill [of liquid]"
d-n-n "be heavy"

b-y-r "???"
b-m-t "come"
b-r-j "come by transport"
b-š-h "punish severely"
b-ṣ̌-n "scold, berate"
b-ṣ̌-š "punish self"
b-ṣ̌-ṣ̌ "punish, beat"
b-t-y "bring"
b-ñ-g "struggle, strive, labour"
b-ñ-g-b "struggle against"
b-ñ-g-š "struggle with"

s-l-d "love romantically"
s-p-h "harvest, gather"

ṣ-b-h "kill violently"
ṣ-b-b "kill"
ṣ-m-b "kill slowly"
ṣ-r-b "push out, expel, exile"
ṣ-r-r "push"
ṣ-r-h "throw, shove, kick, shoot [an arrow], decide"
ṣ-r-n "poke, suggest"
ṣ-r-š "insert"

ž-g-z "be known, be important, be popular"

y-l-l "shape, form, sculpt"

k-š-m "be born"

ḳ-s-s "lie [down]"

g-l-h "search"
g-l-l "look at"
g-l-n "notice, spot"
g-m-l "study, pay attention to the visual details of"

m-n-š " write"
m-t-h "run, charge at"
m-t-t "walk"

n-k-š "die [by someone or something]"
n-š-š "have, possess, control"

p-x̣-y "climb"
p-d-d "lead"
p-ṣ-r "be strong"
p-r-j "jump"
p-š-d "praise"
p-ś-n "fly"

ṗ-n-d "learn [concrete], read"

j-t-t "swallow, drink"

r-ʾ-ʾ "break, strike, hit, beat"
r-ʾ-b "shatter, splinter, shiver, fragment"
r-ʾ-n "crack, fracture"
r-b-b "die [by age and sickness]"
r-c-ʾ "batter"
r-ǧ-s "wait, stand"
r-j-j "move on a path"

š-d-h "shout, yell"
š-d-d "speak, say"
š-d-n "whisper"
š-b-b "move en mass, migrate, flood"
š-g-g "combine"
š-m-d "narrate, tell"
š-m-b "expand, invade"
š-m-m "build [physical], make [physical]"
š-ǧ-ñ "erode"
š-ñ-b "carve out"
š-ñ-š "score, mark, tally"
š-ñ-ñ "scrape"


ṣ̌-m-r "to know (a fact or learned skill)"

w-ṭ-ṭ "cover, hide"

t-b-ṣ̌ "exonerate, pardon"
t-y-h "hoard"
t-y-y "carry, understand"
t-n-ʾ "be free, be unrestricted, be untied"
t-p-d "follow"

ṭ-w-d "resemble, relate, empathize"
ṭ-z-h "charge"
ṭ-z-z "move by transport"
ṭ-ñ-ñ "hit"

z-l-l "grow"
z-r-r "be long"

ś-n-n "go by transport"
ś-t-ñ "hear"


ñ-š-ʾ "conquer"

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