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№1 Учна: Конзанали а Жвовели
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Iadraja's consonants and vowels
This public article was written by Yathid, and last updated on 12 Jul 2019, 16:29.

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This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.

[top]The Consonants

Here we will learn how to pronounce the consonant sounds in Iadraja.

Бб/b/Басъ/baz/ = Bass(fish)
Вв/v/Ви/vi/ = You(Formal Plural/Formal Singlar)
Гг/g/Голбаха/golbaha/ = Sausage
Дд/d/Даздах/dazdah/ = Brain
Жж/ʒ/Жац/ʒats/ = Priest
Зз/z/ Зюса/zyusa/ = Storm
Кк/k/Коёт/koyot/ = Coyote
Лл/l/Ламсал/lamsal/ = Cabinet
Мм/m/Морилъ/mo̞ril/ = Ocean
Нн/n/Нос/no̞s/ = Nose
Пп/b/Пал/pal/ = Juice
Θθ/θ/Θалиць/θalits/ = to breathe
Рр/b/Ряц/ryats/ = Money
Сс/s/Сашемстна/caʃe̞mstna/ = Noun
Тт/t/Тарярь/taryar/ = Stairs
Фф/f/Форк/fo̞rk/ = Fork
Хх/h/Хамець/hame̞ts/ = to give
Цц/ts/Цар/tsar/ = King
Ҧҧ/dz/Внаҧагад/vnadzagad/ = Vnadzagad(old name spelling)This letter is very rare. Most of the time it is replace with 'дз'
Чч/tʃ/Челок/tʃe̞lo̞k/ = person
Шш/ʃ/Шасватока/ʃasvato̞ka/ = Hardware


Here are the vowels in Iadraja. They split into 3 groups of vowels; Soft Vowels, Hard Vowels, and Stressed Vowels(rare)
(Hard Vowels)
Аа = a /a/
Ее = e /e̞/
Ии = i /i/
Оо = o /o̞/
Уу = oo /ʊ/
(Soft Vowels)
Яя = ya /ja/
Ѐѐ = ye /je̞/
Ӥӥ = yi /ji/
Ёё = yo /jo̞/
Юю = yu /jʊ/
(Stressed Vowels)
Note that these letters have the same sound as the ones above; however, there is more stress on the I sound, giving the name Stressed Vowels.
Ѧѧ = Ia
Ѫѫ = Ie
Ꙙꙙ = Ii
Ѥѥ = Io
Ꙛꙛ = Iu
(Special Letters)
These letters are special and have special uses. They are also endings to some nouns.
Ьь = this letter is mostly used with the verb ending. The difference between (for nouns) and -ць(for verbs) is to show that one is a verb. You will see it used with nouns every now and then; if you see it, it will unvoiced the consonant to a voiceless version.
Ъъ = A rare letter that can make the И sound, but it's mostly silent. It is barely used, however, it can be see with nouns. Even though it can make the И sound it's treated like a consonant.
Ѣѣ = This letter was made for the rare vowel sound Ы, as in Russian. However it's barely found today due to the widespread letter reform movement, and vowel shift that happened in the Iadrajai language.


Here are some things that you might want to know!

  • Stressed Vowels are NOT allow to end a word; they be next to other vowels. However it's rare for 2 Stressed Vowels to be next to one another.
  • Some dialects in Iadraja unvoiced the voiced consonants at the end of a word. For example the word Кабраб = a cablin, is pronounced in standard Iadraja as Kabrab, however in the dialect of Vnadzagrad, it is pronounced as Kabrap. The same is true with vowel clusters and double vowel endings. The adjective Золнай = angry when paired to a Feminine noun is Золная, the letter я is pronounced as Ya; however, in Vnadzagrad is pronounced just as A. So Золная ахула (the angry ant) is pronounced as Zolna ahula compared to Zolnaya ahula.
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