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Akoshalu writing system
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How to write the letters
This public article was written by nadiarwendt, and last updated on 2 Mar 2018, 01:57.

[comments] Menu 1. Letters 2. Punctuation

k, g, sh, j, ch, t, d, s, z, n, r, l, w, y, p, b, m, f, h
k g S j J t d s z n r l w y p b m f h

a, o, u, i, e, ɘ

The script reads left to right horizontally.
There are generally no spaces between words unless a pause is intended.

(C)V(C) mostly. There are a couple of special cases--namely that syllables cannot end in liquids or glides, and that there are also some sounds that only start syllables in certain classes of words.

The syllables are written a little bit like an abjad or abugida, where the small versions of the vowels go over the top of the consonant. A vowel at the beginning of a syllable, though, is written on its own between other letters. It's a little bit featural.

As far as what you type, I have the phomo set to convert ɘ, sh, and ch to c, S and J (caps-sensitive) because that is what I set those sounds to in the font.
Standalone vowels such as a or o are also set to caps.


Using "la" la as an example:
There is the basic period la.
Syllable (or word) doubler, typed using the " la"
Quote marks are linked to the [brackets] [la"]
Title punctuation is linked to a {curly bracket {la"
There is the ampersand & &
There is a list marker linked to the dash- -la
< makes a mark that goes between a name and a direct quote <, la<[la"].
There are also asides marked by the (parentheses) (la")
There is also a question mark ? which is not necessary but can be used. la?
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