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Passive Voice
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How to write backwards
This public article was written by Remy Remington Lucien, and last updated on 23 Oct 2018, 15:00. Editing of this article is shared with A Priori Conlangers.

[comments] [history] The passive voice is indicated by OSV word order, or more specifically iOdOSV. Due to case marking, this form is completely unambiguous without the addition of auxiliaries. Take the following phrase as an example:

“You give me the book.”
Lo bernoc xok meso.
2S book.ACC 1S.DAT give.2S

To turn this active phrase into a passive phrase, one must simply flip the subject and indirect object:

“I am given the book by you.”
Xok bernoc lo meso.
1S.DAT book.ACC 2S give.2S

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