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Dictionary basics
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13. Pronouns
Menu 1. Searching the dictionary 2. Dictionary buttons This article will take you over the basics of using the dictionary for the currently set language (see top right corner of the header).

[top]Searching the dictionary

The first and foremost thing you can do from this page is search the dictionary for the current language. The dictionary will remember your most recent search options and have these preset when you first enter the page. The search options are shown to the right of the search field, and can be edited by clicking the 'Search Options' link.

The search query is entered into the first field. This can be a complete word, several words, or just a partial word. You can also use '%' as a wildcard search. So for example, '%s' will return any words ending in 's' and '%s%' will return results containing 's'. The right hand side are the options you can use to search with. This includes things like which field to search for, and how to sort the results.

Click the '▼ Search' button when you are ready to perform the search. Any search results that are highlighted in pink are missing a WordLink reference. This means this will need to be edited. For more information on what WordLink is, click here.

The image below shows a basic search for the term 'Snow' in Nithalos.

[top]Dictionary buttons

The buttons below the search form take you to various different pages with different functions. An outline of these is below:
  • ▼ Search — run the search
  • ★ Add — add a new word to the current dictionary
  • ⚒ Settings — change the settings for the current dictionary
  • » Import — import words to the current dictionary
  • « Export — export lexicon for the current dictionary
  • ⇋ Link — run the WordLink auto-match script
  • ⚒ Maintenance — see where there are gaps/problems with your dictionary
  • ✖ Purge — remove all entries from this dictionary
Comments (4)
[link] [quote] 26-Aug-20 20:59
rI hate alveolar trills
I can't do alveolar trills and I hate all languages which have them.
@elfin: Use "he/she/it/etc." then say what exactly you mean in the notes for the word.
For example, my language has two 3rd person pronouns:
[link] [quote] 14-Aug-20 03:11
Ángialuma !
 severy [ADMIN] [CWSP STAFF]
Please note that nobody is informed when people leave questions on system articles. If you need help, use the forums.
[link] [quote] 06-Sep-19 19:08
A Posteriori Conlangers
For conlangers who are connected to the Real World
What do we do when the proper translation exists in another language, but not in English? For example, the German suffix -au.
[link] [quote] 29-Oct-17 00:13
CWS Conlanger
Hello! I am currently trying to add a word to my dictionary, they, but I don't know which one to choose for the English definition. I just want a simple "they" which could be any combination of gendered people and all that, but I can't figure out which choice that is.
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