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grAAAAAAmAAAAAAr mumblings
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This public article was written by soup on 16 Jun 2018, 20:03.

[comments] This is copy-pasted directly from my notes.

The syllable structure is V

There is an allophonic glottal stop at the beginning of words.

/à a á à~ a~ á~/ ă a â ẵ ã ẫ

ẫ “I, we”
â “you”
a “he, she, it, they”

Plurals are formed with the particle aa added before the word, and collectives are formed with the particle ăẫ before the word. Both may be used on the same word, with their order changing the meaning slightly (between “a group of X” or “groups of X”). Mass nouns require at least a collective or a plural, with the plural alone implying an unspecified amount.

ex. *ââẵ “water”, aa ââẵ “some water”, ăẫ ââẵ “a unit of water”, aa ăẫ ââẵ “units of water”, ăẫ aa ââẵ “a group of an unknown quantity of water”

indefinite singular particle aă

demonstrative âăă

There are no adjectives, although nouns are often used as verbs and vice versa. Prepositional phrases are typically used in place of dedicated adjectives, especially using the preposition ă
“of”. Nouns placed right next to each other imply a general relation. Some abstract qualities are expressed like adjectives with metaphorical prepositional phrases using the preposition ẫãẵ “like”. These are generally fixed expressions without literal meanings, the preposition aăẫâ “like” being used in place of the former in normal phrases.

Verbs can be chained together to mark tense, aspect, mood, and/or voice.

ẵẵăâa “middle” (progressive, i.e. “in the middle of”)
ẫẫẫ “get” (passive)

prepositions: ãâă “for (purpose, benefactive)”

The morphosyntactic alignment is split-s

conjunctions: ãa “and”
If-then sentences are [if clause] ãẫẫ [then clause]

Ẫãăă ẫãẵ ăăăẵẵ aẫẫ ăẫ aaaa ẵãâẫẫâ ẫẫẫ ããẫ âăaa ẫãẵ ăâẫã ẵẫaâa âẵaẵ ẫẵăããă aa ăăă ãa âẵaẵ a âââââ ăãâã “âăă ẫãẵ âââ ẫãẵ âăaaă ă ãẵẵẵ”.
bird like mountain as COL person leader get see during night before present while full_of PL alcohol and while 3 yell about DEM like rat like ketchup of shit
President Big Bird was seen last night drunk and yelling about “that fucking red midget”.
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