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Siáe Colat Taeevaes o Langaes
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The Edievian Creation Myth
This public article was written by argyle, and last updated on 16 Feb 2019, 01:08.

[comments] Pov bio parn, ruaéins siáen avaog escsel ure cóis éisc. Siéscanaéins Avaoghaem lac ca sae fosaéins ionagiat. Cosmaéins tióras ol caenotet o iun, feciádaéins par alcentoc ol, anem ol, iae biat epéis batim. Ionagaen le siáe naóis. Trag evdaéins. Ionagaen le siáe tiîis. Vaesiór satsobaéins. Ionagaen le siáe caéins. Armel erunaéins. Sesaen Avaoghaem iaóis iun iul ol, iaö natraen ni idaer próis ol.

Baéins siáe ion trag nopet vernat ol. Baéins siáe ion vaesiór idaer 'máind ol. Baéins siáe ion armel nopet iot ol. Pomentaen siáe ion trag po alcentoc scantos baéins nopet vernat óis haem on. Casasiágaen, iaö sataen ne gaortiat bert. Hentarlunaen Avaoghaem siáe ion trag, mag sataéins prandaoniat iun batim ol.

Natraen siáe ion armel aemp. Natiágandiás sié próis iutiél on Avaoghaem alcentoc cagaft cáis ion armel. Omsaen siáe bertroc óis ion armel. Cunaen, iaö croáind pib mar. Hentarlunaen Avaoghaem siáe ion armel, mag sataéins prandaoniat ion batem ol.

Long ago, the great celestial bird flew among the stars. The bird-mother searched for a place to lay her clutch. Her body held a trio of eggs, each needing her warmth, her soul, and to be near the others. She laid the first. It shone yellow. She laid the second. It reflected blue. She laid the third. It gleamed gray. The bird-mother sat upon her new eggs, and put them between her feathers.

The yellow egg was beneath her stomach. The blue egg was between her eggs. The gray egg was below her tail. The yellow egg received too much heat due to being under its mother's stomach. It ignited, and began burning bright. The bird-mother abandoned the yellow egg yet continued to protect her others.

The gray egg became cold. The tail feathers of bird-mother did not provide enough heat for the gray egg. The gray egg's brightness faded. It rotted, and dark spots grew. The bird-mother abandoned the gray egg yet continued to protect the final one.
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