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alternate Bodin romanisation
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stricter equivalence to conscript
This public article was written by pachelbel on 11 Jun 2019, 18:31.

This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.

sound - current - alternate
k - c - k
x - kh - kk
s - s - s
ʃ - sh - ss
ks - x - ks
kʃ - csh - kss
sk - sc - sk
ʃk - shc - ssk

because in the actual bodin script kh is a doubled k and sh is a doubled s, etc.

everything else stays the same except i would use ei for normal [ɛɪ] and ey for [ɛɪ] from earlier er, bc these are 2 diff glyphs in bodin script but look the same in the current romanisation

loaned sound transcriptions:
g - ḱ
ɣ - ḱḱ
z - ś
ʒ - śś
θ - tt
ð - dd
f - pp
v - bb

h - κκ (in bodin the letter for this is a shortened kk-glyph so...short k's)
ŋ - nm or nnn (yes this sucks but literally n is . m is .. and ng would have to be ...)

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