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"Rûm ên Sotlam" and other Lonish songs
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Translation of various "ancient" Dutch songs.
This private article was written by [Deactivated User] on 9 Dec 2015, 19:46.

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[edit] [top]Hello?

This article contains various Dutch songs I like that are pretty old, translated into  Lonish. I posted this here because spamming the translations tab would be a little... too much for translations that probably mean nothing to most people. These are all in "speaking" Lonish, which means some excessive shortcuts might be taken to achieve a rhytmhic whole.

[edit] [top]Rûm ên Sotlam - Âgoms

After "Het Regent Zonnestralen" by "Acda en de Munnick".

Înz gês bâr âlok êsAzêri êtê sol,
Gêvus zedo kêv âto zêrdi pêdgino.
Ârb sôm sov mînstâns klulatrê wadenôs,
Pêt sôs, pêt Evês,
Sîn ktân siviâno sês

Evêr înzês sol êtgês bâr,
Warîto ôb kis pêdvivo înzês Diat,

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