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Borrowing or Deriving Words
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A quick how-to
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13. Pronouns
Say you want to borrow a word from Language A into Language B, and you want to be able to use PhoMo to do the work for you when it comes to altering the word to fit the phonology/orthography of Language B. You can do this! There are now two methods you can do this: Using the 'duplicate' button; or using the 'derive' button (through the PhoMo derivation tool). This tutorial will cover the first method only.

Step 1: Setting up the PhoMo rules
With Language A set as your current language on CWS, navigate to the PhoMo interface and create a new ruleset using the rules you wish to run on words in the future. Test they work, and make sure to save. As an added bonus, if you use the language code for Language B in the name of the ruleset (for example "Loaning words to NXS"), then it will assume you want this ruleset in step 5.

Once this has been set up, you shouldn't need to do this again (unless you want to add other language loaning rules, or alter them).

Step 2
Change your current language to Language B (or make sure it's set to this language).

Step 3
Find the word in Language A that you wish to borrow. You can do this using the dictionary page for that language (if you don't know how to do this, you can either find it on the dictionaries page, or go to any dictionary, and add ?L=XXX to the end of the URL (where XXX is the language code)).

Step 4
Click 'Duplicate'. Make sure that there is something in the word input field (this should pre-fill).

Step 5
You should see a link that says "[phoMo this borrowed word]", or something to that effect. Click this. It will open a lightbox containing a select box with a list of rulesets you can use. Select the ruleset you wish to run on the word.

Step 6
Click 'Run now'. There will be a short wait, then the word input field will populate with the resulting word, and the lightbox will automatically close.

Step 7
Make any other changes needed, and save. You're done!
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