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Scaled Long-longs
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Scaled long-longs(scientific name: Lonnum lonnum), also called the Yaws being or the Yuwas(singular: Yaws) are an extinct intellectual being of the 8th world, it belongs to the genus Lonnum.

Scaled long-longs look like modern long-longs, and are also physiologically very similar to modern long-longs, but unlike modern long-longs, scaled long-longs have no hair, but have scales instead.

It is known that scaled long-longs became extinct along with two-horned long-longs, long before human beings appeared in the 8th world, so no human being has ever seen them.

Scaled long-longs live much longer than two-horned long-longs, as the average life span of a scaled long-long is about 100~150 years, and it is said that they can live up to about 800 years.


Like modern long-longs, but unlike human beings and two-horned long-longs, scaled long-longs basically lack aggressiveness, or have a very low degree of aggressiveness; however, as they co-existed with two-horned long-longs, and two-horned long-longs have a certain degree of aggressiveness, scaled long-longs developed a series of weapons to defend themselves from the attack of various groups of two-horned long-longs, especially the Qitas, an ethnic group of two-horned long-longs whose land is relatively close to the land of scaled long-longs.

Despite having a certain amount of weapons and a military force, it is known that scaled long-longs never actively attacked others or expanded their own lands to lands that had been occupied by others, and that's a reason scaled long-longs is considered to lack aggressiveness; but on the other hand, scaled long-longs frequently play roles as business people and seafarers, and there was a common stereotype that scaled long-longs are greedy, frugal and like to bargain among all ethnic groups of two-horned long-longs; while scaled long-longs frequently see two-horned long-longs as a kind of being that is arrogant, weak-willed and apt to be controlled by evilness in general.

Scaled long-longs are monotheistic, they believe in a single God, and they believe that the God has many avatars and all deities are actually the avatar of the God; moreover, scaled long-longs believe that unless being given some power by the God, the soul of a dead person is powerless.

It is unsure if scaled long-longs had different ethnic groups like two-horned long-longs or human beings, usually, it is believed that scaled long-longs don't divide into different ethnic groups, and  Yiqa' Yiywos is the only known language of scaled long-longs, however, some people suggest that they also divided into different ethnic groups, and  Yiqa' Yiywos were the only known ethnic group, as they were the most powerful ethnic group among scaled long-longs and was the ethnic group among scaled long-longs that had built up the government of all scaled long-longs.

Moreover, unlike modern long-longs, scaled long-longs had a very organized society, they had a government and had a society with many social classes.

It is known that scaled long-longs had a pretty advanced technology compared to any ethnic group of two-horned long-longs, they had iron-working(among the two-horned long-longs, only the Qitas have iron-working), had many kinds of machine, and they were especially good at chemistry; however, they never invented firearms or most of the modern technologies(despite the fact that they invented a pretty modern process to produce nickel), they only had cold weapons and they never invented any kind of engine to propel their vehicles.
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