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Dauphiir's Auri [DAU]
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New 177 words Dauphiir's Auri
Registered by PoopinPutin on 12 April 2016
Language type A priori
Species Human/humanoid
About Dauphiir's Auri On Etii's continent Shucu their are two races, the Paqwe and the Dauguki. The various ethnicities and peoples of the Dauguki (with one notable exception) all speak dialects of the Auri language. These dialects are largely different but are mutually intelligible via a central core of words that are frozen. These words are known as Dauphiir's Auri as they are the words used in the first three books of the Dauguki holy text.
Sample of Dauphiir's Auri[view] Me Sahu Suuyitas ya Kazka Fikadursk / / Bavipapevad ya me Bakekuugutre Yashtgukim

The Nine Lives of Kazka Iron Teeth / / An Examination of the Infamous Adventurer using letters, annals, archives, and records / / Compiled by Vafen Zhetarit of Ausese
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