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Goblin [JGO]
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Registered by [Deactivated User] on 18 February 2020
Language type A priori
Species Goblinkin
About Goblin Short, squat humanoids with wide but shallow mouths and wide tongues, and a tendency to speak in a nasally voice.
Sample of Goblin[view] gabnol mrɛk'. / gabnol bomrɛk'. / gabnol mamrɛk'. / gabnol bomamrɛk'.

I have a cat. / I have the cat. / I have cats. / I have the cats.
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Latest vocabulary
VershnatpprGod of Newborns
[view]Phonological System: GoblinkinThe phonology of goblinkin. Includes several repurposed symbols from the IPA (the rhotic hook, ʞ, and ¡).
Table #1labial(u)labial(v)labiodental(u)labiodental(v)linguolabial(u)linguolabial(v)dental(u)dental(v)alveolar(u)alveolar(v)palato-alveolar(u)palato-alveolar(v)dorsal-lateralretroflex(u)retroflex(v)velar(u)velar(v)uvular(u)uvular(v)glottal
nasal  m        n  ɲ     ŋ   
stop p b   t d    ʈ ɖ k g q ɢ ʔ
fricative   f v þ˞ ð˞ þ ð s z ʃ ʒ  ʂ ʐ x    h
affricate         ʧ ʤ   ʞ       
approximant          ɹ  j   ɻ  w   
trill ʙ̥ ʙ   ʙ̥˞ ʙ˞             ʀ 
lateral fricative         ʪ ʫ          
lateral approximant     ɬ˞     l     ɭ     
lateral flap  ¡                  
percussive        ʭ ̪͆            
Table #2frontcentralback
close i ɪ ɯ
mid e ɛ ɤ
open æ ə ɑ
Syllable Structure(C)(C)V(C)C*('**)

* Intervocalic consonants tend to become partially devoiced if voiced and vice versa. Word-final consonants end with no audible release unless emphasized by a verb of existence.
** An ejective mark (') turns unvoiced consonants into an ejective equivalent, and adds emphasis and a final (ə) otherwise. The ejective is falling out of favor of the emphasis+ə instead in modern Goblin.
Stress informationStress falls on the initial syllable, or second syllable if the first is an Article.
Below is the orthography for Goblin. This includes all graphemes as defined in the language's phonology settings - excluding the non-distinct graphemes/polygraphs.
k/k/l/l//l˞/, /ɬ˞/m/m//m˞/n/n/o/ɤ/p/p//p˞/q/q/r/ɹ/
ʙ˞/ʙ̥˞/, /ʙ˞/ʙ̥/ʙ̥/ʙ̥˞//ʞ/ʞ/ʧ/ʧ/ʪ/ʪ/ʫ/ʫ/ʭ/ʭ/̪͆/ ̪͆/
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    Typological information for Goblin

    Definite articleAffix used
    Primary directional systemRelative egocentric (right/left)
    Noun numbersSingular/Dual/Trial/Plural
    Noun-adjective orderAdjective first

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