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Hyonan [YHO]
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Typology New 504 words
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Registered by [Deactivated User] on 16 December 2022
Language type A priori
Place & SpeakersHyonan is spoken by a population of 110,246,662 in Hyonaland.
Species Human/humanoid
About Hyonan
Hövöstiset eska mouniset, punävät si pustashén.
Friends are like birds, they die if you kill them.

Spoken by over 110 million people focused in the nation of Wönasmaa (or Hyonaland) on the world of Diyar, Wönasmaa Kieli, or the Hyonan Language, is a language of all time.

It's typologically fusional and highly inflectional with nouns, pronouns, and verbs experiencing a lot of conjugation and declension. I elaborate on this in Lessons since I don't like grammar tables and PhoMo.

There's a unique writing system, which I (will) talk about at some point.

The aesthetic is based on Finnish, with elaborate vowel harmony, phonemic length, and Latin orthography being the common orthography.

It follows SVO order, but that is very loosely-constructed and due to high inflection it doesn't really matter.

Finally, there's a very based base 8 number system.
Sample of Hyonan[view] Tevokku boka pesään, ka eikku se kaante kaikki jotta.

Everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it.
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Latest vocabulary
Language family relationships
Language treeBothno-Uralic
 ⤷ Proto-Bothno-Uralic
  ⤷ Proto-Bothnian
   ⤷ Proto-Hyonan
    ⤷  Hyonan
[view] About Bothno-UralicThe Bothno-Uralic language family is a family of ~16 languages, with the largest one being Hyonan. They are classified by their excessive use of verbal inflection, postpositions, free word order, and use of vowel harmony that provides a generally smo...
Nasal m     n          
Plosive p b     t d     k g    
Fricative   f v θ s ʃ     h  
Lateral approximant       l          
Approximant           j     ɥ
Trill       r          
Close i y u
Close-mid e ø o
Near-open æ  
Open a  
Below is the orthography for Hyonan. This includes all graphemes as defined in the language's phonology settings - excluding the non-distinct graphemes/polygraphs.
 HyonanOrthography [edit]
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    Typological information for Hyonan

    Base counting systemOctal (8)
    Morphological typologyFusional
    Number of nominal casesEight cases or more
    Vowel harmony scopeWhole word harmony

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