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Standard Imperial Alteian [ALTA]
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Typology Progressing 709 words
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Standard Imperial Alteian
Registered by [Deactivated User] on 26 July 2020
Language type Artistic Language (Artlang)
Species Human/humanoid
About Standard Imperial Alteian

arrival good

[ˈbúhān̪hàk͡x ˈbégì]


Standard Imperial Alteain, the language of the glorious Alteian Empire

A language considered the scholar's speech in the world of Kélas (so basically Latin). Once one of the most widely spoken languages before almost perishing in the Lísic Conquest that made the Empire fall. Alteians were forced to retreat south where  Rashari began to form, slowly securing the southern coast of the continent as well as its position as a de-facto official language of the region. Its "lower" variant, Lower Alteain Register, is the predecessor of  Kalish Rasanian,  Sennic Rasanian and  Mainland Suteiran.
Sample of Standard Imperial Alteian[view] (Iva amey) biya ye han lem ge dún godú lysa kálom, isá lugi ye tereman run ʔen désey homá, isá lugi bari ʔen ivadálhak šuy nonoe isá lugi bari ʔen anga ram ora. Biya niés ʔot kálom: "Igáy yo wei áyaka wei lawa wei lysa ora ye han déays kálom." Kálom niés: "Kékéayipéš, biya, igáy yo kani áyaka kani lawa kani lysa au: ora, orama, iši g...[view all texts]
Latest vocabulary
mayómvlet go
Language family relationships
Language treeAltei-Sahtadu
 ⤷ Proto-Altei-Sahtadu
  ⤷ Late Proto-Alteian
   ⤷ Ancient Alteian
    ⤷  Standard Imperial Alteian
[view] About Altei-SahtaduBKE = before Keassa's Era
KE = Keassa's Era (lasted for 1258 years)
NE = New Era (followed Keassa's Era)
[edit] [view] kéa-Alteiká (Lower Alteian Register)A variant of Alteian considered vulgar by many, mainly people from larger cities and towns. Primarily a language of nomads and explorers who later arrived to Rasan and Suteira, hence the Rasanian and Suteiran languages. Its endonym literally means "small Alteian" (DIM-Alteian).
Nasal m           [ŋ]1  
Plosive p b           k kʷ g gʷ ʔ
Fricative       [z̪]2 ʃ [ʒ]3     [ɣ]4 h
Affricate [p͡ɸ]5   [t̪͡θ]6         [k͡x]7  
Lateral approximant                
Approximant   ʋ8       j w    
Flap       ɾ̪          
  1. allophone of /n̪/
  2. allophone of /s̪/
  3. allophone of /ʃ/
  4. allophone of /h/
  5. allophone of /p/
  6. /t̪͡θ~t̪͡s/, allophone of /t̪/
  7. allophone of /k/
  8. /ʋ~v~β/
Close i í   u ú
Near-close   [ɪ]1  
Close-mid e é   o ó
Open a á    
  1. allophone of /j/
Syllable Structure(C)(V)V(C)
Below is the orthography for Standard Imperial Alteian. This includes all graphemes as defined in the language's phonology settings - excluding the non-distinct graphemes/polygraphs.
 Standard Imperial AlteianOrthography [edit]
Áá/á/Aa/a/Bb/b/Dd/d̪/Ee/e/Éé/é/Gg/g/Hh/h/, [ɣ]Ii/i/
Íí/í/Kk/k/, [k͡x]Ll/l̪/Mm/m/Nn/n̪/, [ŋ]Oo/o/Óó/ó/Pp/p/, [p͡ɸ]Rr/ɾ̪/
Šš/ʃ/, [ʒ]Ss/s̪/, [z̪]Tt/t̪/, [t̪͡θ]1Úú/ú/Uu/u/Vv/ʋ/2Ww/w/Yy/j/, [ɪ]ʔ/ʔ/
✖ Unknown alphabetical order [change]
  1. /t̪͡θ~t̪͡s/
  2. /ʋ~v~β/
Typological information for Standard Imperial Alteian

Noun numbersNo numbers
Morphological typologyAnalytical
Morphosyntactic alignmentFluid-S
Possession distinctionsAlienable/inalienable
Primary word orderSOV

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