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Ledris [AMNES]
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Progressing 435 words Ledris
Registered by eneiver on 26 March 2020
Language type Artistic Language (Artlang)
Species Human/humanoid
About Ledris I've been creating this conlang for seven years now. It has undergone many changes but the core structure/morphology is basically the same. I construct it for several reasons, but most importantly for my own aesthetic pleasure. I have written many poems in this conlang and even more translations of other poems/stories. I sure do hope that you will enjoy learning & mastering my conlang as much as I enjoy the process of constructing it!
Sample of Ledris[view] Marfis merted, marfis merted, marfis merted, / Loianguen lordesette mi se marf, / Eve marague de lersan, eve serague de lersan, laioz-lerted, / Vers inette vernaf, vers inette vernaf. / Eiette estes, eiette niguesse, eiette niguesse, / Je alle luis dresseive nirguervlens, / Inesse lerdervlet omslenfed mi mnes, / Evlarguere, evansen 'vlin, ev...[view all texts]
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