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Azen [AZN]
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CWSP Lang Typology Progressing 482 words
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Registered by alynnidalar on 24 July 2014
Language type A priori
Place & SpeakersSpoken in: TuanmaliOfficial LórzMinority SanmraMinority
Species Human/humanoid
About Azen Azen is spoken by the same species that speaks Tirina. In general, all you need to know is that Azen speakers mostly hate Tirina speakers, Tirina speakers mostly hate Azen speakers, everyone hates humans, and yes, they have a word for Xbox controller too.

Even if I have no clue what it is yet.

Currently areas of focus: veeeery sloooooowly evolving grammar from Old to Modern Azen, vocabulary
Sample of Azen[view] Gēji balu ēma gēk. / Balu gēji ēma gēk.

The bird saw the fish. / / The fish saw the bird.
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Latest vocabulary
ælranunmarried person
Wīcospprname of a city
Language family relationships
Language treeAzenic
 ⤷  Old Azen
  ⤷  Azen
[view] About AzenicThe Azenic language family, ultimately deriving from Old Azen, is comprised of languages primarily spoken by the Tuanmali. Although many Sanmra have at least a passing familiarity with Modern Azen, the other Azenic languages are much less commonly kn...
Nasal m n   [ɲ]1   [ŋ]2  
Plosive p b t d       k g ʔ
Fricative   s z ʃ ʒ     x h
Affricate   t͡s d͡z [t͡ʃ]3 [d͡ʒ]4        
Lateral approximant   l          
Approximant       j w    
Flap   ɾ          
  1. allophone of /n/
  2. allophone of /n/
  3. allophone of /t͡s/
  4. allophone of /d͡z/
Close i i:   u u:
Near-close   [ɪ]1  
Close-mid e e:    
Near-open æ æ:    
Open a a:   ɒ ɒ:
Polyphthongs ia ua ie
  1. allophone of /e/
Below is the orthography for Azen. This includes all graphemes as defined in the language's phonology settings - excluding the non-distinct graphemes/polygraphs.
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    Typological information for Azen

    Morphological typologyAgglutinative
    Morphosyntactic alignmentNominative/Accusative
    Primary word orderSOV

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