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Hanian [HAZ]
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Typology Progressing 1,257 words
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Registered by Hanian on 20 February 2016
Language type Other
Species Human/humanoid
About Hanian
Hanian is created from scratch for creative and contemporary uses. Some words are only used for stories. Hanian is a priori; it's not based on any human languages. But it's also artistic, engineered and can serve as an International Auxiliary Language; hence I said Other. Please keep in mind I'm not a linguist! These resources are created for those who will want to learn Hanian and my eventual fans. Anyone who is here is welcome to poke around and examine things as they wish; just remember I'm not here for linguistic purity. So forgive the mess that's the phonology / orthography, it's better but it's still not done. Primary word order is OSV but informal use is SVO always!

Hanian is made up of sound segments which are in turn serve as bases. They usually have multiple but related meanings. Words are made up of bases and correspond to either a thing, cultural concept or something defined by understanding for the people for whom it was designed. There are many words which don't translate well; I've had to add word links as a work around. Things found in Hanian may surprise, however you'll need to check it out for yourself to find them.

Mimic version: Approximated Latin letters, as broken up into the appropriate sound fragments.
Glyph version: Individual symbols, each corresponding to a concept.


Yara - Used by the antagonists of the chaha book series after society collapses. Many words and concepts are culturally specific to the dystopian setting featured in chaha. It's purposely designed to be alien but still have an universal flavor to it. There's a ton of background info that I still have to add. Warning, dark twisted vocabulary ahead!

Micronation - Many of the contemporary words are used in a Micronation; as our language and for expressing culture and naming stuff in the Hanian Empire!

Hanian is consistently evolving, as such it is a work in progress.
Sample of Hanian[view] ta ; op ray ; ket od iz ; a ; ub el bez dep ta ; op ray ; ket az bu ; oz ; a el bez pha

War is good for business. / / Peace is good for business.
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Latest vocabulary
wa ; tobnbitter
ne ; tj ; vinin proximity
liz ; koadjhandsome
Language family relationships
Language treemuvta
 ⤷ unknown
  ⤷ Merged Muvta
   ⤷  Hanian
[view] About muvtaWhile not all exist yet, it will show a progression over time. It's still a work in progress.

proto - Klack - ZOR - ?
(proto Hanian) (rept...
[view] yara (yara)Primarily used in my Dystopian book series. Some words take on different nuances in the dialect while others don't even exist in contemporary Hanian. Many of these words are particular to their culture.
Nasal m     n                  
Plosive p b     t tʼ d         k ɢ   ʔ  
Fricative ɸ ɸʼ f v θ θʼ z   ɕ ɕʼ ç ʝ   x χ ʁ ħ   ɧ
Affricate       t͡s t͡ʃ t͡ɕ     k͡x q͡χ      
Lateral approximant       l                  
Approximant   ʋ           w          
Trill ʙ                 ʀ      
Click ʘ                        
Blends tl zl zt ʁt θʁ ɧf ʁɕ ħʁ
ʁl ʁp ʁb ʁd χu lp me
mb vu dm ɢl pl te ɕa zn ɸa
lb bl ɕl ʁθ lm lz zp nd
nid ɕʁ vz ʁm bt bz tu ʀu mu nu
bu zu ku lu di li zi ti pi ni
ɢi du pu ze le ɢa: la: ba: do: χo:
to: za: ʁo: wa: ta: ma: va: χa: pa: ka:
na: ʁa: ʝa: zo: lo: mo: bo: po:
Close i y   u
Near-close   ɪ  
Close-mid e   o
Open-mid ɛ œ   ɔ
Open a    
Polyphthongs al ab ɔt ɔd ɔʁ ɛʁ ɛɕ ɛn ɛm ɪm
ɪv at uv ak aw az av am
ɔɪ ɔn ɛt ad ap an
ɔz ɔb ul ɔl ɔm uz ɛz il iz id
um it ip in im ud ɛl aaa::
aa: ia: ai:
Below is the orthography for Hanian. This includes all graphemes as defined in the language's phonology settings - excluding the non-distinct graphemes/polygraphs.
'/ʔ/Aa/a/AA aa/aa:/AAA aaa/aaa::/AB ab/ab/ACH ach/ak/AD ad/ad/AG ag/aɢ/AH ah/aħ/AI ai/ai:/
AL al/al/AM am/am/AN an/an/AP ap/ap/AR ar/aʁ/ASH ash/aɕ/AT at/at/AU au/aʊ/AV av/av/AW aw/aw/
AY ay/eɪ/AZ az/az/Bb/b/BA ba/ba:/BL bl/bl/BO bo/bo:/BR br/ʙ/BT bt/bt/BU bu/bu/BZ bz/bz/
CH ch/t͡ʃ/CHA cha/ka:/CHU chu/ku/Dd/d/DI di/di/DM dm/dm/DO do/do:/DR dr/dʁ/DU du/du/Ee/e/
EL el/ɛl/EM em/ɛm/EN en/ɛn/ER er/ɛʁ/ESH esh/ɛɕ/ET et/ɛt/EZ ez/ɛz/Gg/ɢ/GA ga/ɢa:/GI gi/ɢi/
GL gl/ɢl/Hh/χ/HA ha/χa:/HH hh/ħ/HO ho/χo:/HR hr/ħʁ/HU hu/χu/Ii/ɪ/IA ia/ia:/ID id/id/
IG ig/iɢ/II ii/i/IL il/il/IM im/ɪm/, /im/IN in/in/IP ip/ip/IT it/it/IV iv/ɪv/IZ iz/iz/Jj/aɪ/
Kk/k͡x/KR kr/q͡χ/Ll/l/LA la/la:/LB lb/lb/LE le/le/LI li/li/LM lm/lm/LO lo/lo:/LP lp/lp/
LSH lsh/lɕ/LU lu/lu/LZ lz/lz/Mm/m/MA ma/ma:/MB mb/mb/ME me/me/MI mi/mɪ/MO mo/mo:/MU mu/mu/
Nn/n/NA na/na:/ND nd/nd/NI ni/ni/NID nid/nid/NU nu/nu/Oo/o/Öö/œ/OB ob/ɔb/OD od/ɔd/
OL ol/ɔl/OM om/ɔm/ON on/ɔn/OR or/ɔʁ/OT ot/ɔt/OY oy/ɔɪ/OZ oz/ɔz/Pp/p/PA pa/pa:/PB pb/ʘ/
PF pf/ɧ/PFF pff/ɧf/PH ph/ɸ/PH' ph'/ɸʼ/PHA pha/ɸa/PI pi/pi/PL pl/pl/PO po/po:/PR pr/pʁ/PU pu/pu/
Rr/ʁ/RA ra/ʁa:/RB rb/ʁb/RD rd/ʁd/RL rl/ʁl/RM rm/ʁm/RO ro/ʁo:/RP rp/ʁp/RR rr/ʀ/RSH rsh/ʁɕ/
RT rt/ʁt/RTH rth/ʁθ/RU ru/ʀu/S' s'/ɕʼ/SH sh/ɕ/SHA sha/ɕa/SHL shl/ɕl/SHR shr/ɕʁ/Tt/t/T' t'/tʼ/
TA ta/ta:/TE te/te/TH th/θ/TH' th'/θʼ/THR thr/θʁ/TI ti/ti/TL tl/tl/TO to/to:/TR tr/tʁ/TSH tsh/t͡ɕ/
TU tu/tu/TV tv/tʋ/TZ tz/t͡s/Üü/y/Uu/u/UD ud/ud/UL ul/ul/UM um/um/UV uv/uv/UZ uz/uz/
Vv/v/VA va/va:/VI vi/vɪ/VR vr/vʁ/VU vu/vu/VZ vz/vz/Ww/w/WA wa/wa:/Yy/ʝ/YA ya/ʝa:/
Zz/z/ZA za/za:/ZE ze/ze/ZI zi/zi/ZL zl/zl/ZN zn/zn/ZO zo/zo:/ZP zp/zp/ZT zt/zt/ZU zu/zu/
✖ Unknown alphabetical order
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    Typological information for Hanian

    Primary word orderOSV
    Syllable structureComplex
    Primary writing systemMultiple scripts used
    Script typeLogographic

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