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Orthish [HOH]
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Typology New 87 words
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Registered by Ortharion on 26 May 2019
Language type A priori
Place & SpeakersOrthish is spoken by a population of around 947,000,000 in Ortharion.
Species Human/humanoid
About Orthish Orthish/'orhits/ is the official language of Ortharion and Inquisitive Ortharion, along side English, and is spoken by over 900 thousand people. The language developed from a series of unrelated words representing an idea or object, into a priori spoken language, based heavily on written script. The written version of Orthish is based on curves and swishes, making cursive Orthish (called Cauthish) easy and fast to write.

Orthish has no definite article ‘the’, or indefinite article ‘a', and uses a Verb-Subject-Object-Oblique sentence structure. When using adjectives in Orthish, they must be placed before the noun. Orthish doesn't use suffixes, instead there are a variety of prefixes, except in the case of singular absolute nouns, which have no affix. Orthish uses mainly IPA letters, merged with some native Norht script.

Orthish can be a hard language to learn, but once you have the basic word patterns and words, it becomes much easier.
Sample of OrthishCan't find any yet.
Latest vocabulary
βuβudʒɐ nprisoner
Nasal m   n   ɳ            
Plosive           ȡ          
Fricative β͡ β̰   s ʃ ʂ ɕʼ ç ʝ˞   ɣ ʕ ɦ
Approximant   ʋ     ɻ     w      
Trill     r                
Click ʘ                    
Implosive ɓ   ɗ           ɠ    
Blends ᶑⱱ ɧɰ ʐɲ ʈʃ sh sȟ ru:
VowelsThis table is empty.
Typological information for Orthish

Base counting systemQuinary (5)
Definite articleNone
Noun-adjective orderAdjective first
Primary writing systemLatin (Extended)

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