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Emnian (Modern) [HYLN]
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Typology New 602 words
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Emnian (Modern)
Registered by [Deactivated User] on 28 October 2021
Language type Artistic Language (Artlang)
Species Human/humanoid
Sample of Emnian (Modern)[view] Adhaibéir aoine Eaimhnidht.

I speak English
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Latest vocabulary
Nasal mʲ mˠ   n̪ˠ nʲ   [ɲ]1 [ŋ]2  
Plosive pʲ pˠ bʲ bˠ   t̪ˠ tʲ d̪ˠ dʲ   c ɟ k g  
Fricative   fʲ fˠ vʲ vˠ ʃ ç ʝ x ɣ h
Lateral approximant     lʲ lˠ        
Flap     ɾʲ ɾˠ        
  1. allophone before [c], [ɟ], allophone of /nʲ/
  2. allophone before [k], [ɡ], allophone of /n̪ˠ/
Close i:       u:
Near-close   ɪ   ʊ  
Close-mid e:       o:
Mid     ə    
Open-mid ɛ       ɔ
Open a a:        
Polyphthongs əu əi
Stress informationIn Modern Hylian, stress is strongly word-initial except in verbal infinitives and bound pronouns (where stress is final). NOTE that in conjugated verb forms, stress returns to initial position.
Below is the orthography for Emnian (Modern). This includes all graphemes as defined in the language's phonology settings - excluding the non-distinct graphemes/polygraphs.
 Emnian (Modern)Orthography [edit]
Aa/ə/, /a:/, /a/Bb/bˠ/, /bʲ/Cc/c/, /k/Dd/dʲ/, /d̪ˠ/Ee/ɛ/, /e:/, /ə/Ff/fˠ/, /fʲ/Gg/g/, /ɟ/Hh/h/Ii/ɪ/, /ə/, /i:/
Ll/lʲ/, /lˠ/Mm/mʲ/, /mˠ/Nn/nʲ/, /n̪ˠ/, [ŋ]1, [ɲ]2Oo/ə/, /ɔ/, /o:/Pp/pˠ/, /pʲ/Rr/ɾʲ/, /ɾˠ/Ss/ʃ/, /sˠ/Tt/t̪ˠ/, /tʲ/Uu/ʊ/, /u:/, /ə/
✖ Unknown alphabetical order [change]
  1. allophone before [k], [ɡ]
  2. allophone before [c], [ɟ]
Additional NotesHylian Orthography has evolved over millennia and is heavily etymologising in its modern form. This means that the orthography tends to preserve historical components rather than operating on the principles of a phonemic orthography, where graphemes correspond directly to phonemes.
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Typological information for Emnian (Modern)

Copula droppingNone
Base counting systemDecimal (10)
Noun-noun possessionConstruct or possessed case
Primary word orderVSO
Pronoun dropping?Yes

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