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Irani [IRAE]
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Typology Progressing 1,379 words
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Registered by [Deactivated User] on 22 December 2019
Language type A priori
Species Human/humanoid
About Irani This is just something I'm making to have fun with conlangs again, so no big goals in here.
Sample of Irani[view] Wè na dira sko / Ngè gès'gi svisor àr / Wè ngè o mò suì pangen' m'ènàr

And if I only could / I'd make a deal with God / And I'd get Him to swap our places
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Latest vocabulary
Language family relationships
Language treeProto-Ango-Lorenic
 ⤷ Ango-Lorenic
  ⤷  Algadoric
   ⤷  Old Qyran
    ⤷ Middle Hīrāhien
     ⤷  Irani
[view] About Proto-Ango-LorenicProto-Ango-Lorenic (PAL) is the linguistic reconstruction of the ancient common ancestor of the Ango-Lorenic languages, the most widely spoken language family in Agathr.
Showing major branches and proeminent languages only.
[edit] [view] Qanàri (Anàr)Spoken in the south of Iradòr (HNI: Qiròr), near the Oyode River (HNI: Ge Oyore). It's part of the Iraìn~Qury sprachbund, so it retains some features and sounds deemed "archaic" for the Standard Dialect;
Some include:
- Polypersonal agreement;
- Older forms of words;
- Lack of a proeminent synthetic grammar;
Nasal m   n     ŋ
Plosive p b   t d     k g
Fricative   f v s z      
Affricate     t͡s d͡z      
Lateral approximant     l      
Approximant       j w  
Trill     r      
Close i     u
Near-close   ɪ ʊ  
Close-mid e     o
Open-mid ɛ     ɔ
Open a      
Syllable StructureLight: V, VC, CV(V) - e.g: à, èm, tso, pèì;
Medium: CV(V)C(₂) - e.g: san, màar, tsin;
Heavy: CWV, CWVC(₂) - e.g: swo, tyò; swùk, svigà, skar, nwer;

V = any vowel;
C = Any consonant;
C₂ = "n, r, j, w" - syllable boundary only - e.g: kantsu, tera;
W = semivowels, only allowed when C is "n, t, k, or s"; k and f too, only if C is "s" - e.g: swo, nwer, ska, svek, twen, syòn;

Extra on syllable transformation:
• when at syllable boundary, what would be a consonant geminate, is understood as a single element:
- nannèn (sky-blue) → nanèn, "sky blue";
- àrrena (make-front) → àrena, "to defend a position, to stand and hold something;

• similar sounds are forbidden to happen close to each other (nasal next to nasal, stop next to stop, etc), and the sound in the stronger syllable is kept, the other is assimilated:
- skètkog (chain-claw) → skètog, "lock" - CWV is a heavy syllable, and is stronger;
- idìmnga (battle-die)→ idìnga (duel) - no heavy syllable, only 3 syllables, last syllable is stronger;
Stress information- Standard is always ultimate;
- For words longer than 3 syllables, it's penultimate;
- Heavy syllables are always stressed, regardless of where in the word they appear;
For *really* long words, the stress is confined to the stem, as to not end up highlighting only grammatical morphemes;
Below is the orthography for Irani. This includes all graphemes as defined in the language's phonology settings - excluding the non-distinct graphemes/polygraphs.
 IraniOrthography [edit]
Aa/a/Àà/a/Bb/b/Dd/d/DZ dz/d͡z/Ee/e/Èè/ɛ/Ff/f/Gg/g/Ìì/ɪ/
Ii/i/Kk/k/Ll/l/Mm/m/Nn/n/NG ng/ŋ/Oo/o/Òò/ɔ/Pp/p/Rr/r/
Ss/s/Tt/t/TS ts/t͡s/Ùù/ʊ/Uu/u/Vv/v/Ww/w/Yy/j/Zz/z/
✖ Unknown alphabetical order [change]
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    Typological information for Irani

    Base counting systemDuodecimal (12)
    Morphological typologyAgglutinative
    Morphosyntactic alignmentTripartite
    Number of nominal casesEight cases or more
    Vowel harmonyAdvanced-retracted

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