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Karanese [NJP]
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Typology Progressing 224 words Karanese
Registered by a swear word on 12 August 2016
Language type A posteriori
Species Human/humanoid
About Karanese kotodachi (島言達) is spoken on an island chain westward of southern japan. being somewhat seperated from its home country for a thousand years, it has experienced a huge amount of sound changes, keeping a whole series of centralized vowels and developing a noun case system.
Sample of KaraneseCan't find any yet.
Latest vocabulary
Language family relationships
Language treeJaponic
 ⤷ Proto-Japonic
  ⤷ Yayoi
   ⤷ Old Japanese
    ⤷  Karanese
[view] About JaponicThe Japonic language family includes the Japanese language spoken on the main islands of Japan as well as the Ryukyuan languages spoken in the Ryukyu Islands. The family is widely accepted by linguists, and the term "Japonic languages" was coined by ...
Nasal m n        
Plosive p ᵐb t [d]1 ⁿd   [c]2 [ɟ]3 ᶮɟ   k [g]4 ᵑg
Fricative ɸ s [z]5 [ɕ]6 [ʑ]7      
Affricate   ⁿd͡z [t͡ɕ]8 [d͡ʑ]9 [ⁿd͡ʑ]10      
Lateral flap   ɺ        
Approximant       j [w]11  
  1. allophone of /t/
  2. before e and i, allophone of /k/
  3. allophone of /k/
  4. allophone of /k/
  5. allophone of /s/
  6. allophone of /s/
  7. allophone of /s/
  8. allophone of /t/
  9. allophone of /t/
  10. allophone of /ⁿd/
  11. allophone of /ɸ/
Close ʲi   ɯ u
Close-mid ʲe   ʷo
Open-mid ɛ   ʌ
Open   ä  
Below is the orthography for Karanese. This includes all graphemes as defined in the language's phonology settings - excluding the non-distinct graphemes/polygraphs.
Aa/ä/Bb/ᵐb/CCH cch[t͡ɕ]CH ch[d͡ʑ]Dd/ⁿd/Ee/ɛ/Ff/ɸ/Gg/ᵑg/GY gy/ᶮɟ/Ii/ʲi/Jj[ⁿd͡ʑ]
Kk[g]KK kk/k/KKY kky[c]1KY ky[ɟ]Mm/m/Nn/n/Oo/ʌ/PP pp/p/Rr/ɺ/Ss[z]SH sh[ʑ]
SS ss/s/SSH ssh[ɕ]Tt[d]TT tt/t/Uu/u/Ww[w]WI wi/ɯ/WO wo/ʷo/Yy/j/YE ye/ʲe/Zz/ⁿd͡z/
✖ Unknown alphabetical order
  1. before e and i
Typological information for Karanese

Demonstrative proximityDistal/Medial/Proximal
Morphological typologyAgglutinative
Phonemic vowel lengthShort/Long
Polar question markingQuestion particle
Primary word orderSOV

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