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Wolf Opkin Language [OPKIN]
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Wolf Opkin Language
Registered by [Deactivated User] on 12 April 2020
Language type Engineered Language (Englang)
Species Human/humanoid
About Wolf Opkin Language Wolf Opkin is the language of a clan on the planet of mal, in the solar Systum of opkin. The planet was originally named Proxima Centauri b till humans found the species on it and adopted there name for were they are. The Wolf Opkin clan was the first clan humans came in contact with.
Sample of Wolf Opkin Language[view] ¦ཅཌགྷ¦ཇཎང¦ཅཌ¦ཌྷངཆཌཅ|

I speak English
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Latest vocabulary
Language family relationships
Language treeOpkin- Continent #1
 ⤷ Proto-Wolf
  ⤷  Wolf Opkin Language
[view] About Opkin- Continent #1A
Nasal m mʰ n nʰ      
Plosive p b t d dʰ   k g  
Fricative ɸ s     h
Approximant     j    
Trill   r      
Close i u
Close-mid e o
Open a  
Syllable StructureBME
B= any constnent ecept for th
M= any voul
E= y p n k th
Stress informationIt doesn’t do anything.
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Typological information for Wolf Opkin Language

Adposition head-directionalityEither
Adjective agreementGender/class
AlienabilityNo alienability

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