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Ruins Catlang [RCF]
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Ruins Catlang
Mæ Mr[Hc'k'b']
Registered by [Deactivated User] on 15 December 2019
Language type Signed conlang
Species Feline (vocal and signed)
About Ruins Catlang I can't get away from my Warrior Cats roots apparently, so here's a catlang. Not for canon Warriors though -- it's for a feral cat society living in and around ancient Greek ruins, inspired by the real feral cat colonies in the ruins of Ephesus.

The speakers/signers of this language are anthropomorphised to the same degree as Warriors cats, i.e., they have sentience, language, spirituality, a tribal social structure, and rudimentary herbal medicine, but are otherwise physically and behaviorally identical to real-world cats.

Unlike the couple other Warriors based catlangs I've seen, I decided to make this catlang predominantly signed, since real-world domestic cats communicate a lot through posture and body language, not only through sounds.

There is no form of marking for questions, you just give your guess and the other speaker will correct you if it's wrong. For example, to ask "Are you hungry?" you would just guess "You're hungry" or "You're not hungry". The other speaker would either agree by silence or saying "yes", or disagree by saying "no, I'm not hungry" or "no, I'm hungry" respectively.
For open-ended questions, a purposely vague statement is made, like "X has gone somewhere" (meaning "Where has X gone?") or "You want something to eat" (meaning "What do you want to eat?").

The Ruins Cat Colony designates gender roles based on birth order rather than sex. The firstborn kitten of every litter is designated sky gender, associated with spirituality, history, medicine, and the big-picture view; all others are designated earth gender, associated with earthly things and the day-to-day concerns of survival. Only sky-gender cats are eligible for the positions of truthspeaker (leader) and lorespeaker (storyteller/oral historian), whereas only earth-gender cats are eligible for the position of foespeaker (devil's advocate, tactician, and assistant to the leader).
Sample of Ruins Catlang[view] [DmLgstot][C:huH][sl:tl:][oH] , ʀ[oH] , [Csr'] [sl:tl:] mræ[hfet,tt] . mr[sr:tr][oH] , ʀ[oH] , mr [sr:tr:] .

A mongoose is valued for catching mice, a cat is valued for being a cat.
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Latest vocabulary
[view]Phonological System: Feline (vocal and signed)Real-life cats communicate through body language as much as through sound, so this phonological system allows for a combined vocal/visual language.
It could be used for anthropomorphized felines, catlike aliens, or any other species with similar physiology.
Sound & faceææuaauiiurwmjppurryawnsnarlhiss
sound æ æu a au i iu r w m j p ʀ1 h:2 ʁ3 s4
small             h5 x6 ɸ7
silent D8            0.9 0`10 0:11
  1. ʀ
  2. yawn
  3. growl
  4. hiss
  5. huff
  6. snarl
  7. spit
  8. blep
  9. open mouth, not showing teeth
  10. wrinkle nose
  11. show teeth
Bodyneutral/straightdownupleftrightforwardbackshake/twitchclosed/curled/toward selfopen/toward other
head hn hd hu hl hr hf hb ht  
ears en   el er ef eb et ed 
eyes yn yd yu yl yr   yt U1 Uˑ2 U:3 O4 O:5
tail position H L I 6 / F H  G Q
tail motion sn sd su sl sr sf sb st si so
tailtip position  M N S Z E B  W Y
tailtip motion tn td tu tl tr tf tb tt ti to
front paw  Pd Pu Pl Pr Pf Pb Pt Pi Po
back paw   P`d P`u P`l P`r P`f P`b P`t P`i P`o
  1. eyes narrowed
  2. eyes half-closed
  3. eyes closed (blink)
  4. eyes open
  5. eyes wide open
momentary X R T C A
sustained X: R: T: C: A:
Interactiontongue (lick)forehead (bunt)cheeknosepawtailstarelook away
self (nose) Dm    Pm tm om um
self (paw) Dp   Xp Pp tp op up
self (chest) Dc   Xc Pc tc oc uc
self (flank) Ds     ts os us
self (back) Dr     tr or ur
other (forehead/ face) DH ʙ1 KH XH PH tH oH uH
other (nose) DM  KM XM PM tM oM uM
other (paw) DP  KP XP PP tP oP uP
other (chest) DC  KC XC PC tC oC uC
other (flank) DS  KS XS PS tS oS uS
other (back) DR  KR XR PR tR oR uR
ground Dg  Kg Xg Pg tg og ug
inanimate object Do  Ko Xo Po to oo uo
  1. ʙ
OtherThere are also tones to the sounds but I didn't want to shoehorn that into the phonology table. Rising tone is indicated by ? after the transcription, and falling tone by ! .
Below is the orthography for Ruins Catlang. This includes all graphemes as defined in the language's phonology settings - excluding the non-distinct graphemes/polygraphs.
 Ruins CatlangOrthography [edit]
0'/0`/10:/0:/2Aa/a/AU au/au/Dd/D/3DJ dj/Do/ED ed/ed/Ff/ɸ/4Gg/G/GR gr//Hh/h/5
H: h:/h:/6HB hb/hb/HD hd/hd/HF hf/hf/HL hl/hl/HN hn/hn/HR hr/hr/HS hs//HT ht//HU hu/hu/Ii/i/
IU iu/iu/Jj/j/KJ kj/Ko/Mm//, /m/MJ mj//Oo/O/7O: o:/O:/8OA oa/or/OJ oj/oo/Pp/p/PJ pj/Po/
PM pm/Pm/PP pp/Pp/Rr/r/Ss/s/9TA ta/tr/TJ tj/to/Uu/U/10U' u'/Uˑ/11U: u:/U:/12UA ua/ur/UJ uj/uo/
Ww/W/, /w/Xx//, /x/13XJ xj/Xo/Ææ/æ/ÆU æu/æu/Ʀʀ/ʀ/14ʁ/ʁ/15ʙ/ʙ/16/╲/17
✖ Unknown alphabetical order [change]
  1. wrinkle nose
  2. show teeth
  3. blep
  4. spit
  5. huff
  6. yawn
  7. eyes open
  8. eyes wide open
  9. hiss
  10. eyes narrowed
  11. eyes half-closed
  12. eyes closed (blink)
  13. snarl
  14. ʀ
  15. growl
  16. ʙ
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Typological information for Ruins Catlang

Morphological typologyFusional
Noun incorporationBoth
Primary word orderTopic-Comment
Reduplication functionPlural and pluractional types

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