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Fengati [SMB]
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Registered by [Deactivated User] on 11 January 2018
Language type Mixed
Species Human/humanoid
About Fengati Fengati is the official language of the (fictitious) Fengati Empire.
It is completely devoid of genders and has no fixed word order. It is easy to be very understandable or very confusing when talking in Fengati.
It is not that special compared to some languages but it is quite unique (probably).

Fengati people used to be steppe nomads (like real-world mongols) with a strong warrior culture, and after a long period of sedentarization, some of them still kept the nomadic lifestyle and most of them started living in cities after the first unification of the region which was officially accomplished in 12225, with the foundation of the First Empire under the rule of a very charismatic woman. After years of expansion, it stagnated before losing some of its territory. It expanded and collapsed three times over several centuries. It also exploded back into Sengoku-kind of bits and pieces, twice.
Their culture doesn't revolve around war anymore but around art, religion and science.

There's a lot more worldbuilding and alternate history that goes with it.
I'd love to talk about it with people who'd have questions about my worldbuilding but whatever.

Here's the link to my article about these people and their culture on World Anvil :
Sample of Fengati[view] Bavolünt kirüz w ucanünt robüt.

Killer Robots and Evil Pirates
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Latest vocabulary
kkumaansweet potato
Language family relationships
Language treeNeocaucasian
 ⤷ Proto-Caucasian
  ⤷ Eurocaucasian Languages
   ⤷  Fengati
[edit] [view] Botkoli (Botkolian)No summary available for this dialect.
[edit] [view] Zuzrakitli (Crimean Fengati)No summary available for this dialect.
[edit] [view] Jorgani (Djurgan)No summary available for this dialect.
[edit] [view] Fengeni (Feneg)No summary available for this dialect.
[edit] [view] Gorotli (Gorol)No summary available for this dialect.
[edit] [view] Kadmatli (Kadman)No summary available for this dialect.
[edit] [view] Kamilitli (Kamylian)No summary available for this dialect.
[edit] [view] Kodamani (Kodaman)No summary available for this dialect.
[edit] [view] Murudi (Murud)No summary available for this dialect.
[edit] [view] Nurdyuri (Northern Yuric)No summary available for this dialect.
[edit] [view] Zutyuri (Southern Yuric)No summary available for this dialect.
[edit] [view] Ulitamanatli (Ulitaman)No summary available for this dialect.
[edit] [view] Zurnyatli (Zorniac)No summary available for this dialect.
Nasal m     n            
Plosive p pʼ pʰ b b: bʰ     t tʼ tʰ d d: dʰ       k kʼ kʰ g g: gʰ    
Fricative ɸ ɸ: ɸʰ v v: vʰ   s ʃ     ɣ h  
Affricate       t͡s d͡z t͡ʃ d͡ʒ         t͡ɬ
Lateral approximant       l            
Lateral fricative       ɬ            
Approximant           j w      
Trill       r r:            
Click ʘ   ǀ              
Close i y   u
Close-mid e ɘʲ o
Mid   ə  
Open a aʲ    
Polyphthongs oʔo əʔə uʔu yʔy iʔi aʔa eʔe
Below is the orthography for Fengati. This includes all graphemes as defined in the language's phonology settings - excluding the non-distinct graphemes/polygraphs.
 FengatiOrthography [edit]
'//-//Aa/a/AA aa/aʔa/Bb/b/BB bb/b:/BH bh/bʰ/Cc/ɣ/Dd/d/DD dd/d:/
DH dh/dʰ/Êê/aʲ/Ee/e/Ęę/aʲ/EE ee/eʔe/EI ei/aʲ/EU eu/ɘʲ/Ff/ɸ/FF ff/ɸ:/FH fh/ɸʰ/
Gg/g/GG gg/g:/GH gh/gʰ/Hh/h/Ii/i/II ii/iʔi/Jj/d͡ʒ/Kk/k/KH kh/kʰ/KJ kj/gʒ/
KK kk/kʼ/Ll/l/LL ll/ɬ/Mm/m/Nn/n/NN nn/ʘ/Oo/o/OO oo/oʔo/Pp/p/PH ph/pʰ/
PP pp/pʼ/Rr/r/RR rr/r:/Şş/ʃ/Ss/ʃ/Šš/ʃ/Tt/t/TH th/tʰ/TL tl/t͡ɬ/TS ts/t͡ʃ/
TT tt/tʼ/TZ tz/t͡s/Ùù/y/Uu/u/Üü/y/UU uu/uʔu/ÜÜ üü/yʔy/ÙÙ ùù/yʔy/Vv/v/VH vh/vʰ/
VV vv/v:/Ww/w/Xx/ǀ/Yy/j/Zz/s/Źź/d͡z/Łł/ɬ/Əə/ə/ƏƏ əə/əʔə/
✖ Unknown alphabetical order [change]
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