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Vodholk [VOK]
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Registered by [Deactivated User] on 10 February 2014
Language type A priori
Place & SpeakersSpoken in: OimiaOfficial AchiyitqanaRegional
Species Human/humanoid
About Vodholk Vodholk, also called Futhorcish, is the largest language spoken by the Futhorc or Vodholk, a race of "polar orcs" in the cold north of Mygith (or, alternatively, Miraria on CWSP). As the Vodholk have a particularly high rate of congenital deafness (approx. 17% of the population), as well as frequent age-related hearing loss, their language has evolved both oral-auditory (spoken) and manual-visual (signed) channels. Spoken Vodholk (SV) features few phonemes, most of which are visually distinctive; many (although not all) of these can also map to handshapes used in Manual Vodholk (MV).

A relatively high incidence of age-related vision loss has also led to the development of a third channel, the manual-tactile, which involves manipulating the interlocutor's arm(s) to create Tactile Vodholk, TV, an altered version of MV.

Note that the "high tone" vowels below really only show stress; Vodholk has no tone system.
Sample of Vodholk[view] Falásk sospakotsal uaspeo pesétat.

In the shadow lurks a colourless creature.
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Latest vocabulary
Language family relationships
Language treeHemminorak
 ⤷ Proto-Hemminorak
  ⤷  Ibetarak
   ⤷ Reduction Vodholk
    ⤷  Vodholk
[view] About HemminorakA small family of distantly related languages spoken by various Vetirak peoples. Due to high incidence of congenital deafness in the population, most languages have a manual mode as well as oral. Note that most names are currently placeholders.
[edit] [view] kap fotholk (Manual Vodholk)More of a mode than a dialect. And, to be honest, mostly about testing Dialect functionality.
Nasal [m]1     [n]2     [ŋ]3  
Plosive p [b]4           k [g]5  
Fricative   f [v]6 θ [ð]7 s [z]8     [ɣ]9  
Lateral approximant       l        
Approximant       [ɹ]10 [j]11 [w]12   [ɥ]13
Trill       [r]14        
  1. allophone of /p/
  2. allophone of /s/
  3. allophone of /k/
  4. allophone of /p/
  5. allophone of /k/
  6. allophone of /f/
  7. allophone of /θ/
  8. allophone of /s/
  9. allophone of /ɑ/
  10. allophone of /l/
  11. allophone of /i/
  12. allophone of /o/
  13. allophone of /ʉ/
  14. allophone of /l/
Close i ʉ [u]1
Close-mid     o ó
Mid e̞ é̞    
Open     ɑ ɑ́
  1. allophone of /ʉ/
Below is the orthography for Vodholk. This includes all graphemes as defined in the language's phonology settings - excluding the non-distinct graphemes/polygraphs.
 VodholkOrthography [edit]
Aa/ɑ/, [ɣ]Ee/e̞/Ff/f/, [v]Ii/i/Kk/k/, [ŋ], [g]Ll/l/, [ɹ], [r]Oo/o/, [u]Pp/p/, [m], [b]Ss/s/, [z], [n]Tt/θ/, [ð]Uu/ʉ/, [u], [ɥ]
✖ Unknown alphabetical order [change]
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    Typological information for Vodholk

    Morphological typologyAnalytical
    Primary word orderTopic-Comment
    Pronoun dropping?Yes
    Marked tense (verb)Past, Non-Past

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