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Western Vezarish [VZRW]
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Western Vezarish
Vesoma Iota
[vɛʒoma ʝota]*
Registered by ccccc500 on 15 December 2020
Language type Mixed
Species Human/humanoid
About Western Vezarish This is a variation of  Vezarish spoken in the country of [unnamed]. Not a dialect because I wanted to change up some PhoMo settings and other stuff like that.

I just made this to see what it would be like if the main idea of the language remained similar, but the pronunciation and spelling were different.
This is definitely the easier-to-speak variation, as not a lot of the harder sounds exist in this dialect.

Grammar is similar with some slight differences, words are only slightly different, and pronunciation is the most notable difference, with sounds inspired mainly by languages such as Spanish and Italian.

Expect this dictionary to be out-of-date often.
Sample of Western Vezarish[view] Ssalo? / To gosso.

Hello? / I love you.
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Latest vocabulary
Language family relationships
Language treeItalic
 ⤷ Italic
  ⤷ Latino-Faliscan
   ⤷ Latin
    ⤷ Vulgar Latin
     ⤷  Vezarish
      ⤷  Western Vezarish
Nasal m   n        
Plosive p b   t d     k g  
Fricative   f v   ʃ ʒ [ʝ]1    
Affricate       t͡ʃ d͡ʒ      
Lateral approximant     l        
Trill             [ʀ]2
Flap     ɾ        
Blends ʝi ʝu ʝo ʝɛ ʝa
  1. allophone of /i/
  2. allophone of /ɾ/
Close i u
Close-mid   o
Open-mid ɛ  
Open a  
Below is the orthography for Western Vezarish. This includes all graphemes as defined in the language's phonology settings - excluding the non-distinct graphemes/polygraphs.
 Western VezarishOrthography
Aa/a/Bb/b/Cc/t͡ʃ/Dd/d/Ee/ɛ/Ff/f/Gg/g/Ii/i/IA ia/ʝa/
IE ie/ʝɛ/II ii/ʝi/IO io/ʝo/IU iu/ʝu/Ll/l/Mm/m/Nn/n/Oo/o/Pp/p/
Qq/k/Rr/ɾ/, [ʀ]Ss/ʒ/SS ss/ʃ/Tt/t/Uu/u/Vv/v/Zz/d͡ʒ/
✖ Unknown alphabetical order
    Typological information for Western Vezarish

    Double negativesAmplify negative
    Indefinite articleDistinct article
    Noun-adjective orderNoun first

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