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Kitilik [WWD]
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Registered by Maugh on 15 January 2019
Language type Engineered Language (Englang)
Place & SpeakersKitilik is spoken by a population of around 5,000,000,000 in Kitilika.
Species Human/humanoid
About Kitilik The Kitilik language comes from a culture of fast-speaking, opinionated intellectuals with a tendency to speak over each other. Their oral cavity is roughly humanoid, although they have no nasal cavity. As they are alien, the language need not adhere to human constitutions of natural language, although it should have some natural components in its vocabulary. In its grammar,it is a logical language. The primary goal in engineering this language is to create grammar tactics that facilitate simultaneous two-way conversations capable of communicating both casual and academic information.

Kitilik is intended for eventual use in a book series, and also serves creative purposes. Because its author wishes not to disclose spoilers, certain aspects of the language's culture may not be revealed. The emphasis in putting Kitilik on Conworkshop is not to explore it as an artlang, but to perfect it as an englang and seek second advice on how to achieve its structural goals. Once the grammar is complete, and sufficient tests have determined its functionality, the language will be removed from the Conworkshop library.
Sample of KitilikCan't find any yet.
Latest vocabulary
Plosive     t d k g q
Fricative f v θ ð s z    
Lateral approximant     l    
Approximant     ɹ    
Trill         ʀ
Close i  
Close-mid e  
Open-mid ɛ ʌ
Near-open æ  
Open a ɑ
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