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Xhosial Basic [XHS]
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Xhosial Basic
Registered by LawOfTheSeas on 3 September 2017
Language type Not specified
Species Xhanian
Sample of Xhosial BasicCan't find any yet.
Latest vocabulary
Phonological System: Xhanian
Table #1maxillamandiblelabiumlubrumclypeusglottal
click x ǀ ʘ ʘ́ ʘ̀ ǃ ǃ́ ǃ̀ ƚ ƚ́ ƚ̀ ?
sustained click χ χˑ χ: ǁ ǁˑ ǁ: ʘ̬ ʘ̬́ˑ ʘ̬: ʘ̬́: ʘ̬̀: ʘ̬́ ʘ̬̀ ¡ ¡ˑ ¡: ¡́: ¡̀: ¡́ ¡̀ ⱡ ⱡˑ ⱡ: ⱡ́: ⱡ̀: ⱡ́ ⱡ̀ ¿ ¿ˑ ¿:
implosive ɺ ɓ ɓ́ ɓ̀ ՜ ՜́ ՜̀ ǂ ǂ́ ǂ̀ ʔ
trill ɣ ɣˑ ɣ: r rˑ r: ʙ ʙˑ ʙ́ˑ ʙ̀ˑ ʙ: ʙ́: ʙ̀: ʙ́ ʙ̀ ɽ ɽˑ ɽ́ˑ ɽ̀ˑ ɽ: ɽ́: ɽ̀: ɽ́ ɽ̀ ł łˑ ł́ˑ ł̀ˑ ł: ł́: ł̀: ł́ ł̀ ʢ ʢˑ ʢ:
Below is the orthography for Xhosial Basic. This includes all graphemes as defined in the language's phonology settings - excluding the non-distinct graphemes/polygraphs.
 Xhosial BasicOrthography
Ⱡ. ⱡ./ⱡˑ/Ⱡ: ⱡ:/ⱡ:/Ⱡ̀ ⱡ̀/ⱡ̀/Ⱡ̀: ⱡ̀:/ⱡ̀:/Ⱡ́ ⱡ́/ⱡ́/Ⱡ́: ⱡ́:/ⱡ́://ᶍ/¿/¿/¿./¿ˑ/¿:/¿:/
ǁ/ǁ/ǁ./ǁˑ/ǁ:/ǁ:/ǂ/ǂ/ǂ̀/ǂ̀/ǂ́/ǂ́/ǃ̀/ǃ̀/ǃ́/ǃ́/Ɓɓ/ɓ/Ɓ̀ ɓ̀/ɓ̀/
Ɓ́ ɓ́/ɓ́/ʔ/ʔ/ʘ/ʘ/ʘ̀/ʘ̀/ʘ́/ʘ́/ʘ̬/ʘ̬/ʘ̬:/ʘ̬:/ʘ̬̀/ʘ̬̀/ʘ̬̀:/ʘ̬̀:/ʘ̬́/ʘ̬́/
ʘ̬́./ʘ̬́ˑ/ʘ̬́:/ʘ̬́:/ʙ/ʙ/ʙ./ʙˑ/ʙ:/ʙ:/ʙ̀/ʙ̀/ʙ̀./ʙ̀ˑ/ʙ̀:/ʙ̀:/ʙ́/ʙ́/ʙ́:/ʙ́:/, /ʙ́ˑ/
ʢ/ʢ/ʢ./ʢˑ/ʢ:/ʢ:/Ɣɣ/ɣ/Ɣ. ɣ./ɣˑ/Ɣ: ɣ:/ɣ:/ɺ/ɺ/Ɽɽ/ɽ/Ɽ. ɽ./ɽˑ/Ɽ: ɽ:/ɽ:/
Ɽ̀ ɽ̀/ɽ̀/Ɽ̀. ɽ̀./ɽ̀ˑ/Ɽ̀: ɽ̀:/ɽ̀:/Ɽ́ ɽ́/ɽ́/Ɽ́. ɽ́./ɽ́ˑ/Ɽ́: ɽ́:/ɽ́:/Χχ/χ/Χ. χ./χˑ/Χ: χ:/χ:/Rr/r/
R. r./rˑ/R: r:/r:/Xx/x/Łł/ł/Ł. ł./łˑ/Ł: ł:/ł:/Ł̀ ł̀/ł̀/Ł̀. ł̀./ł̀ˑ/Ł̀: ł̀:/ł̀:/Ł́ ł́/ł́/
Ł́. ł́./ł́ˑ/Ł́: ł́:/ł́:/Ƚƚ/ƚ/Ƚ̀ ƚ̀/ƚ̀/Ƚ́ ƚ́/ƚ́/|/ǀ/~/՜//՜̀//՜́/
✖ Unknown alphabetical order
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