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Yaktux [YAT]
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Typology Abandoned 263 words
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Registered by [Deactivated User] on 30 December 2015
Language type A priori
Species Human/humanoid
About Yaktux pain
Sample of Yaktux[view] sswka dzwd cox ceicco dzwd cox ceicco cox dzwd bokx ceicco obm wankwnsai ceicco dzwd cox dzwdio dzwd dzwd ceicco cyo ma, nikyah cox ceicco kastoyog ofsoxyog dzwd, |i gotta warn ya...

hey there buddy chum pal friend buddy pal chum bud friend fella bruther amigo pal buddy friend chummy chum chum pal i don't mean to be rude my friend pal home slice bread slice dawg but i gotta warn ya if u take one more diddly darn step right there im going to have to diddly darn snap ur neck and wowza wouldn't that be a crummy juncture, huh? do yuo want that? do wish upon yourself to come into physical experience with a crummy juncture? because friend buddy chum friend chum pally pal chum friend if you keep this up well gosh diddly darn i just might have to get not so friendly with u my friendly friend friend pal friend buddy chum pally friend chum buddy
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Latest vocabulary
Sound samples in Yaktux
Some sound samples of Yaktux. Maximum of 6 shown. Click the links to see the full texts.
Шци гуһониө һуитио ти һютә дудо жупт куитә ти оконозен. Ну һнувз офшө ти убик ти қофо әцтик дудо гот...
All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and con...
Language family relationships
[edit] [view] Югдио Яктух / Yükdiö Yakdüç (Yugian Yaktux)This is a dialect spoken in the northernmost district of Yaktux, Kot Yug / Кот Юг. As this island is closer to Asidea (now rip) than to the mainland, the pronunciation, basic grammar and, in some areas, the script is altered. The same words as Yaktux are still used so I won't bother uploading them here.
Nasal m   n   ŋ    
Plosive p b   t d   k g q  
Fricative   f v s z ʃ ʒ x   h
Affricate     t͡s t͡ʃ      
Flap     (ɾ)        
Blends ju jo je
Close i y u
Close-mid e o
Near-open æ  
Below is the orthography for Yaktux. This includes all graphemes as defined in the language's phonology settings - excluding the non-distinct graphemes/polygraphs.
 YaktuxOrthography [edit]
✖ Unknown alphabetical order [change]
  1. loan words only
Typological information for Yaktux

Pronoun-noun possessionAffix/Clitic
Primary word orderSOV
Primary writing systemCyrillic
Morphological typologySynthetic
Morphosyntactic alignmentTransitive

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