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Nesyanian [YYN]
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Typology On hold 270 words
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Yáha e Nisayen
[jɑˈxa ɛ ɲi.saˈjɛn]
Registered by Siblaime on 1 August 2019
Language type Mixed
Species Human/humanoid
About Nesyanian There was a change of plans and a general purge, so everything is under construction
Sample of NesyanianCan't find any yet.
Latest vocabulary
Language family relationships
Language treeToheki
 ⤷ Proto-Toheki
  ⤷ Early Nesyanian
   ⤷  Nesyanian
[view] About TohekiLanguages of barely attested origin, spoken by western tribes on the continent of Dawera. The name of the family comes from a root meaning simply "human" or "person".
The most widely known language of Toheki family is Nesyanian and its modern era de...
Nasal m n ɲ   [ŋ]1
Plosive   t d     k g
Fricative ɸ β s z     x [ɣ]2
Lateral approximant   l      
Approximant     j w  
Trill   r      
  1. before velars, allophone of /n/
  2. before voiced consonants, allophone of /x/
Close i u
Close-mid   o
Open-mid ɛ  
Open a ɑ
Below is the orthography for Nesyanian. This includes all graphemes as defined in the language's phonology settings - excluding the non-distinct graphemes/polygraphs.
Aa/a/Áá/ɑ/Dd/d/Tt/t/Ee/ɛ/Gg/g/Hh/x/, [ɣ]1Ii/i/Kk/k/Ll/l/Mm/m/
Nn/n/, [ŋ]2Ńń/ɲ/Oo/o/Rr/r/Ss/s/Vv/β/Ff/ɸ/Uu/u/Ww/w/Yy/j/Zz/z/
✔ Shown in correct order
  1. before voiced consonants
  2. before velars
Typological information for Nesyanian

Morphological typologyAgglutinative
Noun-adjective orderAdjective first
Primary word orderVSO
Marked aspect (verb)Perfective and imperfective

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