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Zagimaal [ZGM]
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Registered by Robyn Kolozsvari on 5 December 2016
Language type A priori
Species Human/humanoid
About Zagimaal Zagimaal is a close relative of Zaginai, and the two have a moderate degree of mutual intelligibility. It is spoken by the Gimaal people. The Zaginai exonym, "Niginai," or "Little Ginai," is considered incredibly rude by the Gimaal; however, the Ginai refuse to use Gimaal, as it means "the people", which the Ginai find incredibly arrogant. The Gimaal are mostly herders, and live in the mountains in the south of the Lintang. They are independent and not ruled by any government in the Céakali. The Ginai consider the Gimaal under their rule, but realistically the Ginai have no power over them. Gimaal society is run by a series of local councils, which will unite when necessary, and which run militias to keep Ginai police forces from entering.
There is no true "standardized form"; what is used instead is an amalgamation of the features shared by all or most dialects. There is no dialect that can truly be said to be standard, and the written language is used differently in different areas and by different people.
Sample of Zagimaal[view] goy niizucṃ!goy niizucṃ!

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Latest vocabulary
Language family relationships
Language treeZalintang
 ⤷  Proto-Zalintang
  ⤷ South Zalintang
   ⤷ Ginan
    ⤷  Zagimaal
[view] About ZalintangMajor pre-Akalix languages of the West, still spoken in Rhana, Ginai, and large swaths of the Akalic South. Connected to the Gobi-Raimak languages in the Lintang-Raimak macrofamily.
Nasal m m̩ n n̩ n̥          
Plosive p pʰ b t tʰ d   [c]1 [cʰ]2 [ɟ]3   k kʰ g ʔ
Fricative   s ʃ       h
Affricate   t͡s t͡ʃ        
Lateral approximant   l l̩          
Lateral fricative   ɬ          
Approximant       j w    
Trill   r r̩ r̥          
Blends k͡s p͡s
  1. allophone of /k/
  2. allophone of /kʰ/
  3. allophone of /g/
Close i i: u u:
Close-mid [e]1 [e:]2 [o]3 [o:]4
Open a a:  
  1. allophone of /i/
  2. allophone of /i:/
  3. allophone of /u/
  4. allophone of /u:/
Below is the orthography for Zagimaal. This includes all graphemes as defined in the language's phonology settings - excluding the non-distinct graphemes/polygraphs.
Aa/a/AA aa/a:/Bb/b/Cc/ʔ/Dd/d/Ee[e]EE ee[e:]Gg/g/, [ɟ]Hh/h/Ii/i/
II ii/i:/Kk/k/, [c]KH kh/kʰ/, [cʰ]Ll/l/LH lh/ɬ/Mm/m/MH mh/m̥/Nn/n/NH nh/n̥/Oo[o]
OO oo[o:]Pp/p/PH ph/pʰ/PS ps/p͡s/Rr/r/RH rh/r̥/Ss/s/Tt/t/TH th/tʰ/Uu/u/
UU uu/u:/Ww/w/Xx/k͡s/Yy/j/Zz/t͡s/Śś/ʃ/Źź/t͡ʃ/
✖ Unknown alphabetical order
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    Typological information for Zagimaal

    Morphological typologyFusional
    Morphosyntactic alignmentErgative/Absolutive
    Number of nominal casesFour cases
    Primary word orderHierarchical
    Primary writing systemConscript

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