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 Rumyrian Word summary
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verb [4] 4th conjugation (-i -> -esku -> -itu) sărbături сэрбэтурі (in Ukraine)

 ⤷ Not dialect specific
Source Language: Proto-Romanian, or later native formation
Derivative of sărbătuary

Compare Daco-Romanian sărbători, Aromanian sãrbãturescu
1ps. prs. sg. ind.: sărbăturesku
3ps. prs. sg. ind.: sărbăturiašty
Past participle: sărbăturitu
Gerund: sărbăturindu
Verbal noun: sărbăturiry
Derived from:
sărbăturicelebrate (party)V
↺ 26 July 2022, 11:08

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 celebrate (party)verbsărbături
 celebrate (holiday)verbsărbături
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