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particle aan
(a doing)
 ⤷ Not dialect specific
Not usable as "action" as a noun; this is the active verbal particle.
Derivatives of this word (17):
goermyykaanlook V
saaçaanmyykrôôkaantell V
qaomķjataankill (take away one's ...)V
boommyykvîtaanattack (action)V
myykvîtaanfight (combat)V
saaçaanmiğaanask (a question)V
icaando (action)V
saapoomaaneat (consume)V
ngaricdjanaancoax (persuade)V
boomaango (to fare, move, l...)V
ngaraanmake (force to do some...)V
saaçaanșoornaanspeak (utter words)V
myykicaanattempt V
aalseģaonerraantrust (trust)V
poomdjanaanthank (express gratitud...)V
saaçaanmyykaansay (verbally)V
saaçaandjanmiğaanrequest V
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 action (a doing)nounic
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