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particle aan
(a doing)
 ⤷ Not dialect specific
Not usable as "action" as a noun; this is the active verbal particle.
Derivatives of this word (17):
goermyykaanlook V
saaçaanmyykrôôkaantell V
qaomķjataankill (end a life)V
boommyykvîtaanattack (action)V
myykvîtaanfight (combat)V
saaçaanmiğaanask (a question)V
icaando (action)V
saapoomaaneat (consume)V
ngaricdjanaancoax (persuade)V
boomaango (to fare, move, l...)V
ngaraanmake (force to do some...)V
saaçaanșoornaanspeak (utter words)V
myykicaanattempt V
aalseģaonerraantrust (trust)V
poomdjanaanthank (express gratitud...)V
saaçaanmyykaansay (verbally)V
saaçaandjanmiğaanrequest V
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 action (a doing)nounic
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