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 Kavrinian Word summary
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noun [inan.] inanimatd zulh zuł
Derivatives of this word (28):
tsulhzaanvästezulhoratory (art of speaking ...)N
zulhaaartist N
teeqyääzulhmasonry (stonework)N
näzazulhembroidery (craft)N
zulhaarhseadaptation (arts; transfer o...)N
nvakizulhmartial art (art of fighting)N
vöörzulhcookery (cooking knowledg...)N
vöörzulhgastronomy (art of making go...)N
votizulhbutchery (skill at meat ca...)N
zulhtsalart gallery (museum/showroom ...)N
toovzulhgardening (gardening)N
lhalzulhbody art (art on body)N
tonhzulhcalligraphy N
yeezulharchitecture N
sonëgzulhphotography N
käncözulhastrology N
vöörzulhculinary art (art of cooking)N
zulhkusart name (self-given name ...)N
sanzulhvisual art (painting, sculpt...)N
rinhtooqizulhpuppetry N
zulhnhuyœuvre (complete body of...)N
linzulhsmithing (metalworking)N
tarzulhcraftsmanship (a craftman's pro...)N
teczaaqizulhorigami (paper-folding ar...)N
zyöönzulhart (creative)N
zulhëartificial (constructed, fal...)ADJ
vuqtazulhcarpentry (wordworking)N
zulhtyakyëartwork (picture/sculptur...)N
* Pronunciation of this word was estimated based on phonology/orthography
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 craft nounzulh
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Chechen (Нохчийн мотт)исбаьхьалла
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