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 Pummerian Word summary
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noun [C] Common gender konst konst1
From Mid Low German kunst, from Proto-Germanic *kunstiz
Compare Swedish konst, Danish and Norwegian kunst
Derivatives of this word (4):
konstartistry (creative skill o...)N
konsttrick (deception)N
konstskill N
konstegartificial (constructed, fal...)ADJ
↺ 9 April 2020, 16:06

Synonyms (0)
No known synonyms.
Homonyms (3)? Based on identical spelling. Showing max of 5.
 artistry (creative skill or ability)nounkonst
 trick (deception)nounkonst
 skill nounkonst
Conlang translations
Natural translations
Chechen (Нохчийн мотт)исбаьхьалла
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